10 Pictures To Inspire A Trip To Venice

December 26, 2015

I’m going to keep the words mega brief with this one because a) I only spent 24 hours in Venice and as the vast majority of that was on the hotel’s island, I couldn’t do a ‘where to go’ guide justice, and b) because the pictures speak for themselves. If you haven’t been to Venice before, GO. If you have, go again! Get lost in the back streets, ride a water taxi through the web of canals, join the crowds on the Rialto, eat pizza out of the box in the piazzas, and above all, just embrace how truly unique a city it is. Venice is a mind-boggling place and I love it. It is expensive (to get around, the hotels, to eat out), but unlike a lot of places, it really is great any time of year. Hope you like the pics — there’s more on where I stayed here!

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