It’s Time You Tried…EGGBREAK, Notting Hill

April 10, 2016
More than just eggs, EGGBREAK is a new neighbourhood restaurant in Notting Hill that’s open from breakfast ’til late. It’s discrete, tucked away behind Notting Hill Gate station, but be warned, you’ll be find a queue on Saturday morning. It’s the sort of place locals roll out of bed early for, and others flock from afar. Because where else can you get a legit fried chicken sandwich for breakfast? Or waffles with eggs, bacon and Sriracha? Or cornflake-coated banana-stuffed french toast? Come lunch and dinner time, there are fresh spring salads, steaks, and the most delicious fish goujons with Asian slaw.
In short, it’s delicious. It will make your tummy sing and your Instagram feed smile. It’s only been open a month and I’ve already been more times than I can count. That’s one of the perks that comes with PR-ing the opening of a restaurant… Yep, EGGBREAK is part of my day job. It’s an Ennismore baby (the company that owns The Hoxton, Gleneagles, and a couple more restaurants that are in the pipeline), so it’s wonderfully fallen under my remit to work on! Along with learning a lot, one of the big benefits of opening a restaurant is…sampling the food! I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t, right?

I got the tough job of accompanying the photographer to shoot the dishes this weekend, so took my new Olympus Pen along for the ride for a little depth of field practice (photography is still very new to me!), along with sampling the, er, subjects.
They’re the corn waffles with fried eggs, bacon and Sriracha in the background; the stuffed french toast to the right; and YES, that avocado on toast is as damn tasty as it looks!
It’s a great little shout for dinner if you’re on that side of town. Above, those are the fish goujons I mentioned….so damn tasty. That zingy slaw is great too. The house stuffed flatbread is another total favourite of mine — a perfect table-sharing starter that I guarantee you’ll be fighting over… I took Ed and his brother, James when it first opened, and they DEVOURED the fried chicken sandwich and bacon cheeseburger with no words exchanged until their plates were empty. Pineapple bacon jam does that to a boy…
Have I tempted you yet? Go check it out, and let me know what you think. Can’t wait to hear if you love it as much as me. And then if anyone wants to be my photography teacher (I’m warning you though, things don’t stick in this brain), then roll up, roll up!
EGGBREAK, 30 Uxbridge Street, Notting Hill, W8 7TA.


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