Jet Set To…Mykonos!

April 30, 2016

So... I'm super excited. Today we're jetting off to Mykonos, a destination I've wanted to visit for so, so long, and finally, it's actually happening. WAHOO! I feel like I've looked at so many pics on Pinterest/ Instagram/ Mr and Mrs Smith, that it still feels a bit unreal.


Though it's part work, part holiday, and we're only there for four days, I'm really hoping to properly zone out and chill out, and make the most of the sun, the local food, and (eeeep!) the private pool. I can't wait to show you we're staying, it's a little on the DL at this point but stay tuned on Instagram...and SNAPCHAT — which I just got by the way (and totally don't get) so please come and say hi: flash-anthology.

Now I must admit, I'm slightly worried. I've been SO unorganised this week and staying in different hotels since Wednesday, that I literally forgot to pack... So, Ed's done it for me. Now I haven't dared look in my suitcase yet, but who knows what I could end up with... You should have heard me describing things... "the Broderie Anglaise top, you know, the white shirt with the holes in it... my silk know, the blue top and trousers stuck together". My God, I could look a total sight.
Well here hoping he's packed the sunnies and the bikini at least. That'll be plenty, right? More on Mykonos later... but have a beautiful Bank Holiday guys!
And whilst I make do with what I've got, thought I'd plonk my dream Mykonos packing list here...A girl can dream.

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