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Checking In: Rocabella Mykonos

June 30, 2016

As I mentioned previously, Ed and I split our 4 days in Mykonos between two Mr and Mrs Smith properties...the dream. The first was Rocabella Mykonos, a luxury haven just 10 minutes from the main town, with undisturbed sea views, breathtaking suites, excellent service, and little extras that make you smile...

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Our stay at Rocabella is great from the get-go. The hotel's helpful transfer service means we're out of the airport and at the hotel in no time, being offered champagne at the check-in desk before we know it. We get our first glimpse of the pool, which overlooks the  glistening sea...eeeep! This is the dream!

Our Sea View Suite is simply stunning.We're up on our own terrace so it feels secluded and exclusive. It's picture perfect, we're pinching ourselves. The whole vibe couldn’t be more Mykonos: it’s white wash everything, from the walls, to the linen, and towels, so sunlight bounces around the place. It's a circular room with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that look directly out to the glistening sea, and a giant double bed in the middle. A wooden rail along one portion of the wall forms the wardrobe; and the bathroom has not one but two showers, a large sink, toilet, and natural local toiletries.

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Out on the balcony, as if the view wasn’t enough, there’s a hot tub too. A hot tub on the balcony — that’s proper holiday vibes, right?

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Back in the bedroom, there's a pillow menu. A PILLOW MENU. I mean, we're perfectly happy with the ones we're given but what a luxury...a menu of different pillows.

Come morning, the breakfast buffet served down by the pool is extensive. There's everything from Greek yoghurt, to homemade vegetable tarts, fresh and dried fruits, and eggs. We eat well, whilst lapping up that early morning sun.

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All guests are entitled to 15 minutes free treatment in the spa, so we make the most of it and book in 15 minute massages each after brekkie. I pretty much float out the room, muscles seemingly ground to a pulp, knots banished. Who knew 15 minutes could be so effective?

In Mykonos, if you haven’t got a hire car, you’re very reliant on resort chauffeurs or taxis. Fortunately, Rocabella runs a faultless, free, on-demand shuttle service; as soon as we’re ready to head into town, we just call down from our room and the car is ready to take us. This service runs between the main town, the hotel and the airport; when it comes to going to the beaches, you are going to need your own car.

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Returning to our suite each evening is a real treat. Every time, there’s a little something new in our room: chocolates, tiramisu, a mini bottle of local pink fizz. We're so spoilt! It's great!

Rocabella is so luxurious, but in a simple, non-decadent way. There are no gilded picture frames, no richly embroidered fabrics, no plush carpets or expensive rugs: it's understated, stripped back luxury. It's glorious. Alas, check out time comes around far too soon!


 Rocabella Mykonos; nightly rates from £251.

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