Happy #CycleToWorkDay: All The Reasons You Should Get On Your Bike

September 14, 2016

The idea of cycling in London splits the crowd in half. You swear by it, or you swear at the very idea of it. I’m in camp A; I bloody love it. I’ve been cycling to work for just over two years now, give or take the days I run/ score a lift from Ed/ take tube out of absolute desperate necessity, and I’m still falling more and more in love with it. When you live East (or now, South East), you don’t really have an option: you have to cycle to work, or else you’re stuck on the 55 bus ’til what feels like the end of time.


SO, in support of today being #CycleToWorkDay, I thought I’d go ahead and share all of the little reasons I love wheeling my way to work, in case you’re looking for a little kick up the arse to take it on, or maybe just help you think, ‘YEAH, I love it too’. Here goes..

It wakes you up

I’m pretty sure I left the house with my eyes shut yesterday but after my 30 mins cycle, I was buzzing. Cycling wakes you up, all that wind in your face…better than coffee. (Well, as good as.)

It gets some exercise in early

Yep, cycling means you get in some exercise early, without having to even think about it. It’s not that “should I or shouldn’t I get out of bed early and go to the gym?” idea, it’s that “well if I don’t go to work I get fired, so where’s my helmet?” idea, and it’s WAY easier to deal with. 9am and you’ve already done 30 mins exercise. GOLD STARS FOR YOU. 

 Fresh air!

When you’re couped up in an office all day, you welcome a little fresh air bookending your day. And when it’s weather like we’ve been enjoying recently, I can’t think of anything worse than clambering into that sweaty underground tin can they call the tube…

 Lets you see more of London

YES. I genuinely thought the tube map was an accurate depiction of London ’til I started cycling, then I realised, actually, Barbican and St Paul's are actually REALLY close. And the rest! When you cycle, you actually know where places are in relation to each other. They’re not just connected by multicolour wiggly lines but real roads and pavements people!

Fast, fast, fast!

It takes me over an hour to get from front door to work on public transport; it takes me 30 minutes on bike. You know what that means? 30 more minutes in bed. No brainer.


Finally, flexibility. You wanna stop at Topshop on the way home? You can! Without having to get off at the next bus stop, walking, browsing, then thinking, 'actually nah I don’t need anything', then walking back to the bus stop, waiting 15 mins for the next bus, and paying for another bloody fare. Cycle home and you can make all the detours and stop-offs you need. 

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And if you need any more convincing, THIS was the view from my bike this morning...

Looking undeniably handsome this morning whilst I melt on my bike 🔥 #london #sunrise #towerbridge #dawn #travelblogger

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