We’re Going To Sri Lanka

September 29, 2016
sri lanka

I’m so excited to even type this but yes, yes, yes, we are going to Sri Lanka! It’s a major bucket list trip that has come around so quick and I’m still struggling to believe it’s actually, truly happening! Ed and I are spending 6 days in Sri Lanka before flying to Hyderabad in India for my brother’s wedding!

To tell the truth, I never thought I'd be lucky enough to come to this part of the world. As a teenager, I remember hearing people talking of it so fondly, but I never thought I'd actually ever get round to travelling here, so it's a really major deal to me!

I’ll be bombarding my Instagram with pics don’t you worry, so make sure you’re staying tuned, but the plan is 6 days in Sri Lanka, with a few days on the south coast before heading up to Kandy and the tea hills, then flying to Hyderabad for the 3-day wedding. Excited doesn’t cut it. I’m literally buzzing with joy.

Stay tuned…

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