6 Steps To Being A Perky, Organised Morning Person

October 31, 2016
Starbucks Chilled Classics

I think I take for granted being a morning person. I can’t fathom the idea of not being hungry when I wake up nor being bleary eyed by the time I get to work, as it’s my perkiest time of day. ‘Course, there are days when dragging myself up and out is a struggle, but usually, when I’m up, I’m bouncing. (I should tell you though, I’m pretty much narcoleptic when the sun goes down, which is damn irritating when I’ve got shit I need to do, so it’s not always ideal.) Whilst I do think being a morning lark is partly down to your brain make up, I do think there are ways to be a better morning person, whether you’re designed to be one or not. So I’ll delve straight into my 6-step trick shall I? 

Cold shower

Let a nice hot shower lure you out of bed (always works for me!), enjoy, wash, then finish with a 10-second ice cold kicker. It feels like death but breathe through it and prepare to feel seriously alive and awake afterwards.


What we want? CAFFEINE. When do we want it? NOW. Like yep, right now. Not when the kettle’s boiled and cafetiere has brewed but literally 10 seconds after waiting please. Cue, chilled, ready-to-roll coffee. I’m all about the Starbucks Chilled Classics range, especially their recent Caffè Americano With Milk. It’s creamy (but not too creamy that you feel guilty), sweet, strong, but best of all, immediate. I actually swear by these to keep me up at night if I’ve got a deadline too – nothing else works!!


I might sound a bit like an old textbook, but once you get that metabolism working, you’re on to something you know? Grab a banana. Have a yoghurt. A FLAPJACK (totally healthy breakfast, okay?). It works and before you know it, you’ll be that person who does eat breakfast as soon as you’re up. 


I know if you’re not a morning person you probably want to punch me in the face when I say this but exercise in the morning DOES make you feel alive. Cycle to work. Run on the treadmill for 5 minutes. Hold a little downward dog. 

To-do List

Trick your mind into being more awake and organised than you actually are by setting out some goals for the day or making a to-do list. Use MinimaList, a great to-do list app on your phone (you shake to clear completed tasks, very satisfying). You might FEEL half a sleep but at least your mind is in order now. 


And when all else fails, lipstick will fool everyone into thinking that yes, you’re totally alive and kicking

Starbucks Chilled Classics

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— This post was created in collaboration with Starbucks but all opinions, words and imagery are my own —

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