6 Goals I Hope To One Day Achieve

November 7, 2016

H A P P Y  M O N D A Y (if there is actually such a thing)

New week, new post, and I thought today, I’d storm ahead with a little aspirational one. Because it’s good to dream, right? So here, we have a little whimsical dreaming about just a few of the little things (that hold a lot of happiness) that I like to think I’ll one day achieve…

Flash Anthology - goals - kikki k

 Fluffy white bath sheets

Bath sheets. Not towels, bath sheets, is what I'm wanting out of life. Those giant ones that can wrap around you twice and are so damn fluffy that it takes you 4 times as long to get ready because the experience is so luxurious. Yeah, that please. And while we’re there, I’d like for them not to be covered in fake tan, and I’d like to be swaddled in them after climbing out of my copper roll top bath PLEASE AND THANKS? 

Aesop everything

Yep, to have Aesop everything is pretty high up there on my hopes and aspirations list. Not just buying the smallest, cheapest tube of hand cream, but being able to actually justify kitting out your bathroom with the good stuff without having to live on beans on toast for the rest of the month… Wouldn’t that be SO NICE? We have the hand wash right now which I LOVE, but I feel like I have to save it for special hand washing occasions (I mean, I’m not really sure what those are, but you know) (don’t worry, we have other soap too), and it’s already making me panic that we’ve nearing the bottom of the bottle. 

House plants that live

This is the one that people my age seem to be already mastering but I, somehow, find nigh on impossible. Just LIVE plants. If I can live in this house, so can you, is how I feel about the situation, but apparently that doesn’t really help. I struggle to keep a miniature succulent alive so I’ve got a long way to go before I can progress to anything bigger…

A drinks trolley

Oh yes. THE DREAM. Who doesn’t want a drinks trolley in their own house? Complete with fancy pants cut-glass glasses, liqueurs, jars of random pickled garnishes, and spirits? HOUSE GOALS. 

Silk shirts without the creases

One day (maybe) I’ll learn to iron properly and things won’t be forever creased and crinkly. At this point in life, I literally avoid buying silk-anything for knowing that it will never, ever be crease-free. But when I do learn, I can’t WAIT to shop in COS too - cos that place is like an ironing boards happy place.

The ability to keep white clothes white

Another one that features in my Domestic Goddess dream book is keeping white clothes white How the bloody hell do you do it? I can’t do it. Like, there are so many situations that will make them not be white. Eating spaghetti and tomato sauce, for one. In fact, eating anything that isn’t mashed potato is risky. Washing whites with anything that isn’t also perfectly white isn’t okay. Nor is sweating. Or ever wearing wearing fake tan. Or make up. Definitely not lipstick. So hard. But here’s to hoping that one day I’ll learn!

Do any of these relate? Let me know if (and how!) you've mastered any! And any more I should add to my list?!

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