THIS Sexy Brunch Is Why You Need To Go To Manchester

November 7, 2016
Federal Cafe Manchester

Let it be known, Federal Cafe is the reason you need to visit Manchester…stat. As in, as soon as you have a free weekend, you should book a train or jump in the car and get on over because seriously, its brunch is nothing short of food porn. JUST LOOK AT THOSE SEXY PLATEFULS. Worth every penny of the train fare and every minute of the queue out the door, I’m telling you. (That and the cheap pints, dreamy Northern Quarter, friendly people and sweet ass bars — oh I do love the North!)

Okay, so I’m not exactly the ~first~ person to have discovered Federal, it’s a pretty damn popular spot, but if you get there mega early doors at the weekend, you won’t be waiting for long. I went with Mum and Dad a while back and we were literally those people making incessant yummy noises in the corner. But hey, that’s Federal’s fault for putting halloumi and garlic and thyme roasted mushrooms together on a brunch plate. That sort of morning wonderfulness WILL induce yummy noises...

Federal Cafe is an independently owned Aussie/ New Zealand spot in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, which explains why its brunch offering is so banging — Australians just do brunch better than us. It’s serves Ozone coffee and vibrant green, as-strong-as-they-should-be matcha lattes, giving it instant brownie points (they're popular now but why is it still so hard to find good matcha lattes!?).

Food-wise, everything on the menu sounds so bloody good. Chia seed sundae? Banana bread with mascarpone? Corn fritters? And I really, really enjoy how much halloumi features on the menu.

I'm going bold by saying this but Halloumi and ‘Shrooms is hands down the best brunch I ever ate. Grilled halloumi with roasted garlic and thyme mushrooms, poached eggs, spicy tomato relish, hazelnut dukkah, rocket and sourdough toast ALL ON ONE PLATE? Pure geniousness. 

Mum went classic with the eggs and avocado on toast, only here, it’s zjooshed up with streaky bacon, rocket, and fancy-pants nigella seeds. Dad hit up the special which was eggs benny with pulled beef (!!!), Sriracha and crispy shallots. BOOM.

So let's just move to Manchester already? This every weekend? YES YES YES.

Federal Cafe, 9 Nicholas Croft, Manchester M4 1EY

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Federal Cafe Manchester
Federal Cafe Manchester
Federal Cafe ManchesterFederal Cafe Manchester
Federal Cafe Manchester
Federal Cafe Manchester

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