Interior Inspo: Mid Century

mid century sideboard inspiration - flash anthology

Arguably, the best thing about buying your own place is being able to lay your own floors and pick your own furniture. The sort of furniture you don’t mind spend more than IKEA-prices on ‘cos you’re less likely to flog it on Gumtree when you move out in six months time. You with me? You know you’re reaching ‘grown up’ status when your tastes change less frequently. As we’ve been pretty into the mid century aesthetic for a good while now, we’ve decided that’ll be the style of the majority of the furniture in the house. That, coupled with oak (looking) floors, white walls, plentiful house plants…you know the vibe. So off I went looking for our first piece of furniture: a mid century teak sideboard (cos it doesn't get more mid century Pinterest gold than that, does it?!). Turns out Gumtree and eBay were both solid bets. Sure, West Elm have some gorgeous modern mid-century versions, but £699 when you can get an original for £200? Off Ed went to pick up our 1970s original in the van, and voila, she’s ours, awkwardly plonked in the middle of our building-site-of-a-living-room, ‘till we frame the prints, buy the plants, and ‘curate’ the room as we want it to look.


So to convince both myself, and Ed, and the neighbour who came up last night and questioned “grandma’s sideboard”,  that it was in fact a good purchase, I thought I'd present to you, a mood board (above). Staying confident that mid century is truly the dream...

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~ moodboard images: west elm + Pinterest ~

June 20, 2017