Roll On November! We Just Booked Flights To…

Porto - Sao Bento Railway Station



Yep, roll on November, because we've just booked a little weekend break to Porto, a city I've tried to squeeze into our calendar for ages but neither time nor haughty flight prices have permitted. But finally, it's booked so it's ~officially~ happening. YAY! Share tips if you have them, and accommodation recs too! I've been ogling the Rosa et Al Townhouse but it's a little out of the price range for this trip, so if you have other ideas, hit me! Really though, I just can't wait to see and experience Porto. The beautiful Azulejo tiles. The colourful higgledy-piggledy skyline. The stunning São Bento Railway Station. The port!


We've had to let travelling take a bit of a back seat over a busy summer with the house and the new kitchen taking up both time and funds, but that's life and it's totally fine. And if anything, travelling less has just made me more excited and more grateful for the trips we do have to come, including an exciting road trip I'm actually yet to tell y'all about. Stay tuned!


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~image not mine, but here by Ana Matei~