A Little Life Update: September

  • Sep 28, 2017

I figured it’s been a little while since I actually properly divulged in a little life update on here so I thought this post could be a bit of a ‘what’s going on with me’ post. I swear, it’s been so CRAZY busy recently I haven’t had a second to think straight what with the flat and work both taking up serious amounts of brain space, but I’ve finally found an hour for me to get you up to speed with a few updates of late…


We have a kitchen!

Oh yes. We. Have. A. KITCHEN. Now I know that’s something probably all of you take for granted, but, having been kitchen-less since April, we’re bloody over the moon it’s actually FINALLY in! It’s still a bit of a work in progress but we have running water and an oven, so I’m calling it ‘in’ and I celebrated by making roast vegetables for my quinoa and veg packed lunches. #THEHIGHLIFE.


We’re off on our holidays!

Hell yes we are. Despite Ed’s grandparents questioning whether we could actually afford to go on holiday when we’ve got a flat to do up (good point)(we probably can’t), we definitely do need a little down time after a crazy busy few months. Plus. some time away from the flat is probably a good thing so we don’t get cabin fever. Roll on Dubrovnik, Puglia and Amalfi!


The Hoxton, Paris is open!

Ahhh, a long time coming and a definite labour of love, The Hoxton, Paris is now open and it’s everything we hoped it would be. Most people reading this probably know already but to put it into context, I’m PR Manager at The Hoxton! Anyone who works in PR or travel will know opening a hotel or anything for that matter is no easy task. There are delays, questions, stresses, deadlines, highs, lows, the works! But it’s open and it’s glorious, and you should ALL go stay.

Waking up here and it's 💯 @thehoxtonhotel #TheHoxtonParis

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I did another shoot with adidas

On a very, very rainy morning a couple of weeks back, I set my alarm extra early for a little pre-work shoot with adidas. We took to the streets of Shoreditch in celebration of their upcoming, inaugural City Run 10km. (If you haven’t already signed up, do it now!)


My sister is getting married next month!

The first half of this year absolutely whizzed by and I can’t quite believe that it’s now less than a MONTH till my sister gets married! I’m so, so excited, and we had the best time celebrating her hen last weekend, but I still can’t believe it’s SO soon. Watch this space for pics - can’t wait to share!


I got a tattoo!

Ta-da! A little extra ink, I went and got my second tattoo. A wave on my arm, just above my elbow, and I love it! It doesn’t really have a meaning, but I’m more about the aesthetics and how it looks on my body, and I loveeee it — well done Lesley, the awesome artist who’s front room I lay in in Clapton!

wave tattoo

I’m obsessed with pointy kitten heel shoes

My style rules are simple: as low-key and laid-back as poss, with a red lip or accessory to make it a little more chic. Jeans, sweater, red lip, out the door. But my new obsession, point kitten heel shoes, are making everything WAY more girly and grown up, and I’m kind of okay with it. I fell in love with this pair of shoes when I was looking for heels for my sister’s wedding, and the rest is history. I now want every pair of pointy kitten heels on the market…


I signed up for Paris Marathon!

Call me crazy but I signed up for another marathon! Paris Marathon, April 8th 2018, I’m coming for YOU! Mad, I know, but what’s even more crazy is the fact that I’ve genuinely really missed having something to train for over the past few months and those long weekend runs that give you such a buzz and sense of achievement. I’m sure I won’t be feeling quite so elated when it’s raining in January and I have to go out and run 18 miles but LET’S SEE.


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September 24, 2017