5 Ways To Stretch Out Summer

  • Sep 24, 2017

So summer ’17 officially ended this weekend and that kind of makes me sad. Hello Autumn Equinox! Now I know we all say we love autumn (the colours, the pumpkin, the knitwear…) but really, you guys love it more than summer? I can’t say I do. I’m a sucker for tanned skin, short shorts, picnics in the park, festivals, eating outdoors and long late nights… Ed and I have got our late ‘summer holiday’ coming up next week (so excited!) so I feel like I’m still in a state of kidding myself that nahh, it’s not really over, but once we’re back, I know belated summer blues to hit hard.


So how do you stall them? You pretend it’s not really happening! Yep, whilst I’m going to be lapping up Pret’s new pumpkin spice flat white I’m going to be strategically eking out every last drop of summer.


Bare legs and big jumpers

Before it gets too cold to bare as much as an ankle, make the most of the cooler yet bearable weather with, what is in my opinion, the chicest seasonal look: it's time for thick knits and bare legs friends! Oh yes! Don't put those summer shorts into hiding just yet.


Summer smoothies

Press press on post-summer blues by making colourful summery smoothies every morning. Strawberries, raspberries, mango, avo - get it all in a Nutribullet and just blitz with milk, and add hemp hearts for a sweet and colourful pre-gym protein fix.  The easiest way to get a little summer into each day. I swear by them!


Long live sunnies!

Long live sunnies - the easiest outfit upgrade there is! The hours of sunlight we're getting to enjoy might be getting considerably shorter and FAST but there's something about autumn light that's oh so pretty.


Colourful salads and toast toppers

When it's drizzly outside, the leafy, light summer salad you enjoyed in the park a few weeks back in the sunshine isn't going to cut it when you're shivering in the office and want warming, hearty grub. But instead of going right to the other extreme with a full on plate of comforting 'beige', make yourself a colourful quinoa salad with roast veg, lentils, beans, tuna - whatever you think goes. Likewise, at breakfast or weekend brunch, go as colourful as you can. Avo and strawberries - try it!


Sun-kissed skin

A defining factor of summer for me all tanned everything. Head to toe sun-kissed skin. So when the sun has gone into hiding, I stretch out that summer feeling by dousing it on from the bottle. There are some such good fake tans out there now so you don't have to worry about the taboo of having streaks or being totally tango. I swear by Bondi Sands Liquid Gold. THE BEST.

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This post was created in collaboration with Amazon and their #NowItsSummer campaign. Long live summer!

September 28, 2017