Making A Personal Case For The Kitten Heel

  • Oct 2, 2017
kitten heels

So as I touched upon in a recent post, I have a new obsession. A shoe obsession. And even more unusual for me than that, a heels obsession. Super rare I know, but I’m telling you, I’m really feeling kitten heels right now, for three reasons. Actually, let’s make that four…


1. At 5”9, they’re the maximum heel height I can wear on a day-to-day without everyone going “WOAH, jeez, you’re tall’ all day, everyday.

2. Even with clown feet size 7, they’re small and cute enough to fit in my running backpack for work. Bonus.

3. They’re hella chic. In the office, at breakfast, grabbing lunch, at the bar, on date night, you name it, THEY WORK. They’re not so dressy that everyone turns their heads and raises eyebrows at 9am, but just enough to make you feel all boujee and sophis’.

4. I can actually walk in them without impersonating Bambi.

kitten heel inspo

images via Pinterest: here, here, here and here 


I know what you’re thinking. Autumn ain’t the season of bare ankles and heels but hear me out here because I really do think kitten heel sling-backs are the perfectly seasonal shoe. No-one wants to wear anything more other a sandal or slider through the summer months, and then we do crisp white trainers while we still can. But before winter creeps up on us we need to make the most of our ankles, suede (dodging the puddles!) and the fact that it’s pleasant enough to still go sock-free, before December hits and it’s winter boots and woolies for months. Cue: the slingback. Right here, right now.


I’m digging them with a mom-jean, a belt, and a boyish sweater as my go-to office look. Next on my list are these cutey statement fluffies though there's no end of gorge pairs out there right now...