Dry January: How To Ace A Month With No Alcohol

January 3, 2018
Dry January tips

Hello 2018! And with it...Dry January. A month of no wine or Prosecco, and I’ve no shame in saying that yes, I do find that challenging. I’m trying to write this post without sound like a raging alcoholic(!) whilst to also stressing that YES, contrary to popular belief, I am into fitness and into having a drink. 2018 is going to be my third year doing Dry January and I do it for a few reasons:

  1. i like a challenge
  2. it’s a good reset button after a festive period of over indulging
  3. it complements upping the training for Paris marathon (no groggy mornings means more fresh feeling early training runs!)

I’d like to stress at this point that there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink. I’m someone who likes a glass of wine with dinner, a sociable pint at the pub, or a few glasses of Prosecco on a Friday night, and I don’t have any issues with that at all. For me, Dry January is simply a personal challenge, a good way to re-examine my relationship with alcohol, and reset button which I personally feel I benefit from. Whether you’re doing Dry January or just planning to cut down on the booze after the Christmas period, in this post, I’m sharing some of my top tips and motivations for mastering a month with no booze…

make the most of fancy glassware

if you’re someone who’s used to a wine or a cocktail at home, you’re bound to miss the motions of making fancy drinks and nice glassware through a month of no booze. To fill the void, drink elderflower pressé or Innocent Bubbles with a garnish out of champagne saucers, and make mocktails in your favourite glasses. Cheers!

hit the gym on a weeknight

after a stressful day at work, it’s all too easy to get home and open a bottle to take the edge of a rubbish day. If you’re staying off the booze, take yourself to the gym or out on on a run straight from the office to work out your irritations instead. You’re also more likely to go for a healthier option for dinner that way too, so it’s a win win!

choose your meals accordingly

there are some meals that just go well with booze — it makes my heart pang to go out for pizza or pasta and not have wine, so I try and avoid that in January! Think about your meals and how they’re going to make you feel.

find another night-time drink

if like me it’s the ‘evening mode’ sensation you like of a glass of wine in the evening, find another drink that works in its place. Tonic with Seedlip is a good evening drink; Kombucha offers the sweet-tart like appeal of wine, and there’s always alcohol-free beer which ain’t cheating!

make Saturday mornings an occasion

those few hours you more often than not loose to a hungover? Make them count! Set aside early Saturday mornings for you and embrace having a few extra hours to your weekend when you’d otherwise be in bed. Whether it’s coffee with a friend, cleaning the house, or running the block, enjoy it.

don't be a recluse, make plans that aren’t the pub

just because you're off the booze doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to your usual social engagements. That said, watching your pals sink pints at the pub ain’t so fun. Make other plans instead — girly slumber parties, late night shopping trips, leisurely dinners with friends, or pampering sessions are all other ways to fill your diary.

split it up into 4 weeks

if a month seems to stretch out forever, do what I do and split it up into 4 weeks. that's 4 boxes to tick, each one getting you closer to your goal!


— This post was created in collaboration with Innocent as part of an ongoing partnership —

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