Travel Plans For The Rest Of 2018

May 5, 2018
Alice Tate Travel 2018

Okay so it’s May and we’re already 5 months into the year! I’d grumble about how fast it’s going but I know that’s really bloody annoying, and I can’t say I haven’t tried to squeeze every single drop out of the months and weekends that have gone so far! Beast of East aside, we’ve managed to get some real sunshine in to 2018 so far with sunny weekends in Seville and Paris, a balmy Easter in Barcelona, and good weather on the Swiss slopes too! Even my work trips to Amsterdam and Paris featured sunglasses and rose! I’m very much here for a long London summer (my absolute fave time to be in the city, cycling around in a t-shirt and eating all meals in the park!) but that’s not to say I haven’t got the rest of the year’s travels all pretty much mapped out. What can I say? I’m pretty militant when it comes to knowing my schedule…. Plus, working full-time, I like to make sure I eke out the very best of my holiday allowance and that involves planning, plus, I’m addicted to evenings on Skyscanner — I’m a travel blogger, it’s allowed, right?

So here’s what the rest of this year’s travels look like… I’m literally buzzing with excitement!!


Finally ticking off an island I’ve wanted to go to forever…Ibiza! Ed and I are definitely planning on relaxing rather than partying, and hopefully explore the natural beauty and beaches of the island that everyone absolutely raves about. Checking into the new Sir Joan hotel which looks cool, then chilling the hell out at beautiful Pure House.


Girls trip! Later this month me and 3 of my bestest girlfriends-come-colleagues are doing a short and sweet weekend in Malaga. The plan is beach, sangria, bikinis…and probably not all that much else. Excited! Share tips if you have them.

copenhagen and malmö

I don’t like to let a year go by without some kind of jaunt to Scandinavia… We’re taking a long weekend out at the end of this month to do Copenhagen (our fave!) and Malmö — the most gorgeous chilled out Swedish city that’s just over the bridge from CPH. Staying here which looks beaut.


Finally, I’m making Porto happen! Ed and I booked flights last November only for the airline to go bust and our trip got cancelled…sucks. So I’ve made new plans and I’m going with my sister in June. I’m SO excited, not only ‘cos I never see my sis but also for the food, the port, and those dreamy Azulejo tiles.

lake district

In August, we’re heading up to the Lakes for a camping trip with my fam and I’m already looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for good weather so we can have campfires, barbecues and make the most of the long summer evenings in the campsite. We used to spend so much time in the Lakes as kids, I can’t wait to spend some proper time with my family on long walks and picnics. Dreamy!


Eeee! Our biggest trip of the year and the one I’m so freaking excited about. We’re going back to India in October to do a bit of Rajasthan (Jaipur and Agra), Kerala and Mumbai. Literally cannot WAIT. We’ve booked flights and roughed out an itinerary but there’s still a lot of the specifics to plan…so hit me up with tips if you have them! We’ve been to India briefly once before for my brother’s wedding, which gave us a taste of what to expect, and did 2 weeks in Sri Lanka which we totally loved. I absolutely cannot to scratch more of the surface of India and experience more of the culture, the food and the chaos!


We’ve got a short but significant trip to Valencia planned for December for…Valencia Marathon! Yikes! As I had to drop out of Paris Marathon last minute due to injury, I wanted a new goal and am determined to be back on track by the summer and ready to run 26 miles in December. Fingers crossed!

and then…

I played my annual leave really well this year and still have a couple of days to play with before 2019, so hopefully there's chance to squeeze in one more little trip somewhere along the way... Welcoming suggestions!

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