A Blip! Leg Situ And Why We Aren’t In India

October 7, 2018
Burn injury - flash anthology

So. If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know that right now I’m meant to be in India (exploring the Taj Mahal precisely as I pen this…) but, am instead plonked on my sofa, with my leg wrapped in bandages and under strict doctor’s orders that I’m not allowed to walk for a couple days. Great… I thought given I’ve banged on about our trip so much (including the joyous week-long intelligence test that was the Indian Visa application process) that it was a good idea to give some kind of explanation as to why we aren’t there and what the bloody hell is going on. 

I’ll summarise. DON’T USE HOT WATER BOTTLES ON BARE SKIN. Don’t fall asleep with them on your shins and snooze like a log. Don’t overlook blisters. Probably don’t fly to New York and also don’t run 14km with an open wound on your lower leg…

Long haul cabin pressure is a fucker, a nonchalant attitude gets you nowhere when it comes to injuries (even when you do follow your medical family's advice to a tee), penicillin didn't work fast enough, and as a result, I ended in hospital being told I wouldn’t be going to India and would be having a skin graft for the burn instead. W-T-A-F.

You don’t need the nitty gritty details of the op, but basically now, a little bit of my precious thigh (hopefully the cool bit with the stretch marks) now lives south on my shin. I can’t walk for a week, and can’t run for a whole lot longer — we’re talking months, so that’s Valencia Marathon axed. I also can’t fly, hence our India trip being put on hold, not to mention it’s not exactly the ~best~ place to go travelling fresh off the operating table. I’m pinned to the UK for the next 6 weeks whilst these grafts heals but then it’s onwards and upwards, and yes, the ants in my pants have already re-itinerised our whole trip for December…

Side note here, I want to thank the amazing GP at my practice who booked me into the hospital through her own concern, the excellent Burns Unit team at Chelsea & Westminster who made me laugh right through my op, and the incomparably brilliant powerhouse that is the NHS for the free, efficient and magnanimous help they offer to one and all in this country.

I kind of felt like I’ve been dealt a bad hand this year, what with having to cancel Paris Marathon, Valencia Marathon, this bucket-list India trip and a couple of other few blips along the way, but, having been showered with kindness and love and good vibes and well-wishes after this crazy burn situation, it’s hard to be too blue or angry for long. Instead, I’m thankful for my usual great health, my family and friends and other Internet *pals* who expressed concern, my positive attitude, and the fact that I am able to usually do and see and be so much.

India isn’t going anywhere and I know marathons are there when my body is ready for them. Right now, I'm sofa bound and 'til this heals less active, but on the grand scheme of things, that is okay.


(Hope that wasn't too long/gushy to read). x

Burn injury - flash anthology

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