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  • My Holiday Prep-list

    July 6, 2016
    lash extensions -

    Ever since being a kid, I’ve always written pre-holiday to-do lists. In this post, I’m sharing my holiday beauty prep list — because the little things make a big difference.

  • Two Skincare Products I Swear By

    July 4, 2016
    skincare secrets- flash anthology

    All these toners, lotions and potions confuse the hell out of me. I’m a real minimalist when it comes to skincare: a cleansing oil, and a balm, and that’s all I use on my skin these days.

  • Summer Time Hair At Not Another Salon

    May 1, 2016
    If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I recently got my hair done. YAY! Now I’m not big on my hair — it’s up or it’s down — and I cut it myself, but thought I’d break my salon hiatus for a little summer colour. I used to do a lot of hair modelling with Vidal Sasson when I was at uni (oh, they were the days!), but since moving to London, the world of salons has become a total minefield to me. I’ve no idea where’s good, where’s overpriced, and where will do what you want them to. My best friend works in beauty and recommended I go to Not Another Salon – a new salon on Brick Lane that not only fulfils the pastel dreams of many an East Londoner, but also masters the normal stuff too — trims, balayage, highlights, the works.
    I don’t know about you but I always feel ridiculously nervous going to the hairdressers. Not for what they might do but more that they’re going to tell me off, or disapprove of the terrible condition I’ve kept my hair in. I mean, I do cut my mop myself in the bathroom mirror with blunt scissors, so they would have reason to disapprove, but I tend to feel like there can be a lot of judgement in salons and think-you-can’t-see-it eye rolling. People tell me going to the salon is their kind of luxurious Saturday morning. I don’t get it. To me, it’s feels like a total judge of character.
    I fight my way through the Brick Lane crowd on a Sunday, and arrive at Not Another Salon basically shaking with nerves. “It’s Alice, I’ve got an appointment at 12, and yes, I know my hair is shit”, I had to hold myself back from saying. In this trendy (it’s super trendy) salon, I’m adamant that the judgement is gonna be ten times worse, but in reality, it’s the total opposite. Sophia is a total babe. She’s got sunshine yellow hair, orange highlights, and dresses like a sophisticated 40s pin up. Though she’s perfectly polished, she’s the first hairdressers I’ve met who actually understands that when I say “I’m really do nothing with my hair”, I literally mean, I leave the gym with it still wet from the shower and I wear it however it dries. And she doesn’t chastise me for it. When she asks which products I use, I say, "err, shampoo and conditioner?", she's totally cool with it.
    Embracing my laissez-faire attitude, she’s up for doing whatever. I tell her I don’t want too crazy (‘cos if you check out their Instagram feed you’ll see they do CRAZY), and she takes my vague “maybe a bit blonde” guidance on board, whilst offering her own feedback too. When she asks what sort of blonde, I say ash (everyone’s blonde of choice, right?) but she advises going warmer because flecks of ash don’t really work so well.
    Anyway, two hours later (and a couple of Party Rings down — there's a great retro biscuit box here) I’ve got blonder balayaged hair — super subtle but actually just what I wanted: i.e. not to worry about roots or having to get it redone in 4 weeks. Sophia advises me she's used INNOluxe (Kim K's lightener of choice), which basically lightens hair whilst strengthening and conditioning it, so you don't get any of the damage from bleach. Ideal! Not Another Salon were one of the first salons to use it in the UK and it has totally upped the game of the industry, not to mention the scope for the pastel hair world too.
    Finishing up then: styling! I'm a little nervous when Sophia gets the curling tongs out (I haven't used them since I was 11), but I leave the salon with the most perfect tousled waves. She winds and twists strands around the tongs (in a way probably only she has the skills to do) before brushing it out a bit with her hands to look more natural. Now, in essence, that sounds simple, though I'm confident I'll never be able to achieve quite such perfect waves again. However when I do attempt it, Sophia advises styling spray is far more important and effective at holding waves in place than hairspray.
    I leave Not Another Salon with not only nicer hair, but also much more excitement to do things with my hair. As I say, my current repertoire of hairstyles comprises of up, or down (or maybe half up because some of it has fallen out of the bobble), but this made me feel actually excited about my hair.    So I'll leave you there — I'm off to buy styling spray and kirby grips.
    See the pics below to spy just how cool the salon is, and check out Not Another Salon's Instagram for all kinds of wonderful hairspiration.

  • Get Your Runner’s Feet Ready For Summer

    April 23, 2016
    If there ever had to be one, I'd say running season was now upon us. Half marathons pepper runners' calendars every weekend from now until October; London Marathon is a mere DAY away; and more sun and less rain gets more people pounding the pavements more often. A shame then, that so too, is sandal season fast approaching. Have you seen a runner's feet? Mine are by no means sandal ready. They're still blistered from my last race, they’re slightly deformed from where I pronate; they’re dry and scaly, and my second toe is almost entirely purple as a result of one too many half marathons giving it grief. Nice. 
    I go to Mykonos in precisely one week and the idea of releasing my feet from trainers and revealing all in sandals is slightly alarming. Anyone else feeling equally uneasy? I know, I know, pretty feet aren't exactly the be all and end all of life, but it's nice to feel nice, especially when you're away and spending the majority of your day poolside.
    Thus action needed, quickly. Yep, I’ll be spending this week filing, buffing, soaking and lathering my poor feet into a state of holiday readiness, then vowing to give them a little more TLC and less neglec over the next few months. Summer running and sandal-ready feet don’t have to be mutually exclusive…! So a few product essentials to help you on your way...
    And I couldn't write this whole post without lusting over just a FEW pairs of sandals, could I? Oh, how I love summer sandals.