Big Birthday Adventures To The Lake District

August 27, 2014



22 was a big year for me. Among
other things, I got a job, I lost a job, I quit a job and I got another job. I
moved house – twice. I holidayed- twice. I followed my passion. I fell in love.
I found new friends and most recently, I found that cycling in London isn’t as
scary as it seems.
When I turned 20 I got upset that
my teenage years were over; I was loving life and living in New York when I hit
21; turning 22 was a pretty quiet affair after just moving to London; but 23
was brilliant. I spent it thoroughly relaxed in the Lake District with Ed,
which we travelled to for a long weekend of fresh air, fine food and absolutely
zero stresses.
Besides being dragged up mountains
as a child and to Wales and back camping (okay, it was a lot nicer than I make
it sound) I haven’t done much exploring in England but this weekend served as a
reminder that I definitely need to do more. Plus, you need to visit the Lakes if
you haven’t been. The weekend was pretty much perfect spent in two beautiful,
plush hotels with unexpectedly good weather, excellent food, giddy exploring, early
nights, long lie-ins and only the tiniest bit of bickering (a four-hour
standstill traffic jam does that to you). Instead of spelling out all of the details which would result in
a lot of frothy writing and you
getting bored, I’ll share the highlights of the trip through visuals with you
Birthday smiles and far too excitable for this to be a good idea. Loving taking the wheel in our rented Peugeot 2008
Stretching the legs at Lyzzick Hall after a long drive up to the Lakes. Imagine if this was your garden?
Very happy to have arrived (or maybe just to be relieved from my driving…)
The very beautiful Lyzzick Hall: aka, home for Saturday night
Pulling up to Lyzzick Hall after a long drive from my parents’ house; Ed admiring the view and imagining life as an aristocrat
Still find this a novelty. Birthday wishes on my dessert plate at Lyzzick Hall
Obligatory selfie from Catbells peak
Driving and hiking: two hobbies that don’t get enough anywhere near enough practice in London
 My best attempt at a professional Peugeot photoshoot. Not really, but looks like one, huh?
Pre-breakfast spa session at Lyzzick Hall. I would never tire of waking up to that view. Add to wishlist: pool up mountainside.
Wet and soggy after a couple of hours in the outdoor hot tub (dreamy) at Low Wood Bay
More hill hiking…
…and a much deserved dinner at Waterhead Hotel, Windermere, starting with an even-better-than-it-looks halloumi and pomegranate salad
Market fish of the day (salmon) with fondant potatoes and shards of roasted vegetables with a very cheesy cheese sauce
Exploring and stumbling upon Stock Ghyll Force waterfall
Pretty much the view from our window at Waterhead Hotel, Windermere


Our last day and last dining spot and home to easily the comfiest, best dressed lounge I’ve ever been in: the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House, Bowness-on-Windermere; fresh crab in a carrot ‘case’ with tempura oyster
My delicious shelled pea, ricotta and truffle risotto (note, the diameter of that bowl was pretty much the length of my arm), followed by a very indulgent, very delicious sherry trifle with gold leaf.
As you’ll probably gather I spent pretty much all of it feeling seriously high on life and subsequently am still grinning today. A big old thanks to Peugeot for our very lovely, very shiny, very spacious and very smooth-to-drive Diesel 2008. I did give it back today – very reluctantly.

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