High-neck Cozzies Are The Way Forward

January 30, 2016

So I just got a new swimming cozzie and I’m slightly obsessed. After prancing around the house in it for a whole evening, I finally took it to the pool for a dip!  I’ve always craved a Lisa Marie Fernandez costume (and one day will get one!) but at this point in my life I simply can’t justify spending £305 on a swimming costume…that’s stupid money. Her cozzies are all about high necklines, neoprene, zips down the front or back — very Bond girl if you will — and they’re simply stunning.
ANYWAY. I just discovered and saved myself a nice £280 (er, that’s a beach trip somewhere) with this Halocline swimsuit. High neck, tick. Zip down the back, tick. I love it, and at £25 it’s a freaking steal. (I know I sound like I’m on a shopping channel here, but sorry, what a bargain!) I wish they did it in more colours because the cut is super flattering so I’d happily get a load more (you can never have too many swimsuits), plus, it’s really comfy as it’s a very thin, soft material and there aren’t any bulky seams on your shoulders or between your legs. One day I’ll wear Lisa Marie Fernandez, but right now, I’m happy in this.
As is the way with online shopping, I’ve managed to find a whole host of other things I want need on Firstly, hello, this waterproof MP3 player. Now I can safely say that I haven’t craved an MP3 player since 2002, but there’s no way I’d take my iPhone in the pool however waterproof the case was, but I do LOVE the idea of swimming to the beat!
Secondly, sliders! No, not to wear out with my denim hot pants and branded socks looking all i-D Magazine, but to actually wear poolside and in the public showers! So glamorous…


And finally, the Misfit Shine 2. Okay, so I already wear the Jawbone UP3 (which I’ll be posting about soon) and it’s great, but the Misfit is waterproof and tracks your swim laps. Want! Has anyone got one? If so, please tell me if it’s worth investing!
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