So Saturday Was Pretty Awesome

January 24, 2016

So yesterday was pretty mega really! It was one of those Saturdays when you wake up without any real plans, then it turns out to be a jam-packed day and you have a smile on your face all day long. Firstly, it started without any sign of a hangover, a good start and definitely best thing about Dry January (though hurry up next weekend already!). After a giant bowl of my favourite brekkie — seedy porridge with Pip & Nut coconut and almond butter stirred in and chia seeds on top, YUM — Ed dropped me at Borough and I ran from there to Crystal Palace to join the Swim Dem Crew gang.
Now, not only is Crystal Palace far away,  11.57km from Borough to be exact, it’s pretty much up hill all the way. I’m talking 45 degrees for a lot of it. It was so tough! Luckily the sun was out and the temperature was pretty spring-like so it was nice conditions to run in which made it do-able! I ran through East Dulwich which though hilly, is bloody beautiful! It’s like a little country village, especially on a Saturday morning, with everyone out buying their artisan breads for brekkie and strolling through the park with their dogs and toddlers — so lush! Definitely need to spend more time around there/ win the lottery and buy a house there.
Finally made it to Crystal Palace and had a good swim with Peigh and the gang, practising my front crawl which I’m still finding so hard! Practice makes perfect, I know, I know, but 50m is far when you’re spluttering and taking in water! Crystal Palace pool is gorgeous. It’s got giant windows so the sun floods in and a huge diving platform which is cool/ scary to watch people jump from! If you’re a swimmer, definitely go and check it out!
I met Ed at Borough Market for lunch, and though he complained and complained about the amount of people (yes, Borough Market is very busy on a Saturday lunch time), we had the best halloumi veggie burgers from The Veggie Table. I LOVE these burgers; a) they’re delicious and full of goodness and b) Ed and I actually came to Borough Market and had these on our second date though they come with nice memories!! So delicious.
Got home and was knackered — understandably perhaps! Embraced the empty afternoon and did a bit of pampering! By that I mean minor pampering: tanning! I know people have mixed views on fake tan (Ed freaking hates the stuff), but who doesn’t feel better with a tan!? In these cold climes, needs must. I’m trying out Cocoa Brown Instant Tanning Mousse at the mo (as recommended to my by my best friend and beauty know-it-all, Chlo) and so far so good! It’s so moussey and thick that it doesn’t end up all the bathroom floor! I’m thinking of doing a very low-key beauty post in the next few weeks so I’ll keep you posted on that one 😉
As we’re not drinking at the mo, we’re all about the substitutes! Call it cheating but alcohol-free beer is the way forward, and we’ve thankfully discovered BrewDog Nanny State, an alcohol-free hoppy ale, which is impressively good. We had a couple of those doing work before heading out for dinner. Dinner was tacos! Ed and I went to DF/Mexico with our lovely friends, Rhys and Maria. The food was delicious (the cod tacos are my go-to order there!) and it was one of those awesome dinners where you just sit gossiping for ages and laughing about everything. Loved it. Also tried Horchata for the first time, which is super sweet milk with cinnamon and vanilla: lush.
Then! To top of the day, right at the end of it I found out my brother proposed to his girlfriend! SERIOUSLY EXCITING!! After much squealing and screaming (I’m literally so excited, this is the first wedding in the family!) I fell asleep with a smile. Some Saturday!!!

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