5 Must-Visit Spots In Lima

October 20, 2016

Hotel B

There aren’t so many small hotels in Lima, which instantly shuns Hotel B to the top. It’s a beautiful boutique hotel in Barranco, and is the perfect base to spend a night or two, with its super chic décor, attached art gallery, roof terrace, wonderful service, and flawless rooms. As you might have seen it in my Peru vlog already, we absolutely loved it. 

lima hotel b
lima central


Lima is a foodie’s playground, with a real range of haute to casual cuisine. One of the highlights has to be Central, a restaurant in the World's 50 Best, located in Lima’s Miraflores District. Book a table well in advance as it gets understandably booked out. Here, you can indulge in a 17-course tasting menu based around native ingredients from Peru and the Andes, all the while watching the workings of the impressively fast paced kitchen team. It’s an experience to say the very least, and at £80 for all those courses, a bargain, really.


Barranco is, in my opinion, the best neighbourhood in the city and the one I’d definitely recommend basing yourself in. It’s got a much nicer, more suburbian vibe to it than the rest of the city, which can feel very polluted, busy, and a little threatening at times. Barranco is, like most cool neighbourhoods in cities around the globe, where the artists first settled. It’s got nice buildings, green spaces, history, cool bars and good food. Try Canta Rana for lunch, we loved it.

lima barranco
lima barranco


Ayahuasca is the bar of all bars. Located on the main street through Barranco, during the day, it doesn’t stand out, it just looks like an old big house. At night, it’s got a crowd outside and it’s all lit up. It’s ace – a series of rooms, terraces and garden space all dimly lit but with a great buzz and atmosphere. Even if you just pop in for a drink (though I’m sure you’ll stay longer) you should.


For the best ceviche in Lima, it’s all about Mercado and it pains me no end to say we didn’t find time to fit in a visit. My sister did when she was in Lima the week after us, and she absolutely raved about Mercado. It’s cheap, it’s fresh and it’s known among locals to be the best ceviche in town. Don’t miss out.

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