24 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour This Sunday

October 29, 2016
Sunday - flash anthology

Daylight savings might mean darker evenings earlier (bleugh!) but on the plus side, it means we've got a whole glorious extra hour this weekend! But what to do with it...

1. Stay in bed, obviously.

2. Call your grandparents – because you can’t call grandparents enough.

3. Sign up to give blood.

4. Make packed lunches for Monday.

5. Fold the clothes in drawers so they aren't religiously creased when you go to wear them.

6. Organise your wardrobe in descending sleeve length, just in time for winter.

7. Spend an hour offline. No phones, no internet, no TV.

8. Read this post. Oh and this one.

9. Snuggle. Extra hour with your bed buddy? No complaints.

10. Read a book. Or, a few chapters of a book at least.

11. Go for a run. The one you wouldn’t have otherwise gone on

12. Or, don’t leave the house and do a core workout in your living room.

13. Have a bath. Because morning baths are something that don’t happen enough. Pruney Sundays

14. Discover I have a YouTube channel (slightly stagnant I’ll admit) and watch the travel vlogs.

15. Make Bloody Marys. Because, YUM.

16. Stretch. An hour’s yoga or Pilates does wonders for your mind and soul

17. Allow yourself the extra hour in the evening and make apple crumble. With custard. And ice cream. Because, Sunday goals

18. Wash your bed linen. And towels. Riveting stuff.

19. Make healthy snacks for your desk. Like these damn delicious looking roasted chickpeas.

20. Hair mask. Face mask. Foot mask. All the things you say you usually don’t have time to do.

21. Create the perfect workout playlist so you don’t have to listen to the one you’ve got saved as ‘Gym’ and been listening to since 2014.

22. Life admin (it’s a Sunday though so do things that require no phoning banks and what not)

23. Go all out with breakfast. Try these.

24. Go out and buy flowers. There's no bigger small luxury, right?

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