How To Beat Holiday Blues

November 1, 2016

I am the worst with holiday blues. They pretty much have to lift me on to the plane at the other end, especially if it’s been a long trip. Then, there’s the whole plane journey to think about all the things you don’t want to come back to, and the fact that at this time tomorrow, you’ll be at work. WEEPA lot of people think you can’t get holiday blues when you travel a lot, but that’s so not true — you just get the blues more frequently! One day, I ike to think I’ll uphold such a spontaneous lifestyle that I’ll be able to land in London, decide I don’t want to go home just yet, and jump on another flight to elsewhere. I’ve always dreamed of doing that. But because right now, bills need paying, that can’t happen, so how do you beat holiday blues? I thought I’d leave a few of my tips, coping mechanisms if you will, here…

holiday blues

Make a list of the things coming up

Focus on the positives by making a list of all the things you’re got coming up or have been looking forward to whilst you’ve been away, whether that’s getting back to running, a dinner with a friend, or another trip you’ve got coming up in a few months time.

Edit, cull and print your pictures

I tend to take a load of pics on hols, upload a few to Instagram, put a few more on here, then forget about the rest until 6 months later when I’m weeping nostalgically over hundreds of them. Enjoy going through, culling and editing your holiday pictures within the week you get home. Print off a few of your faves and get them up and around you to remind you of the happy memories.

Tell people about it

The worst thing for me about getting back from a holiday is that suddenly, the thing you’ve been looking forward to for so long is over. Obviously the memories last forever, but make sure the trip isn’t just forgotten by telling people about it. Call your parents, catch up with a friend, share the highlights with a colleague.

Book another (little) trip

Okay, financial advisors probably wouldn’t back this idea but it’s the one that works best for me: book another trip! I’m not talking round the world adventures or far flung bucket list trips necessarily, but a little weekend jaunt that gives you something to look forward to and keep the blues at bay. Get onto Ryanair pronto…


The advice my mum always tells me, be nice to you. When you’re feeling blue, be extra nice to yourself. Pamper, paint your nails, fake tan, get a hair cut…

Cook an inspired-by meal

You loved the cuisine where you were holidaying, so why let it end there? Relive your jollies a bit by cooking up one of the dishes you enjoyed yourself. You can always find a recipe online…

Source the local booze

Similarly, loved the local beer? Source it. Chances are you’ll be damn impressed with what your craft beer shop stocks, otherwise, there’s always everything on Google!

Write a to-do list

Another shock of getting back home after a hol is the idea of structure. Gah, why isn’t life just eat, swim, explore and repeat all the time? I find making a to-do list is a good way to ease myself back into work mode, whilst acknowledging the achievements.

Get a few early nights

It’s so easy to get back from a relaxing holiday and be thrown straight back into a hectic lifestyle. Try and free up the week following holiday so to extend the slower pace for a little longer. Get early nights so you can continue to reap the benefits of holiday relaxation. 

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