Make This: Beetroot Hummus

August 21, 2017
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Beetroot. You either love it you hate it right? Well I’m a fan, and I’ve just discovered (by way of Tesco Magazine and my sister singing its praises) a new way to make the most of it. All hail..BEETROOT HUMMUS. I actually don’t know if you can call it hummus as it doesn’t have chickpeas (??) but beetroot hummus sounds loads better than beetroot dip, right? Anyway, point is, it’s heaven, and take seconds to make using just 3 ingredients and a blender — my utensil of choice at the minute whilst we don’t have an actual kitchen nor worktop, just bits and pieces of kitchen stuff scattered around the floor. SO EASY AND SO GOOD. Get your beetroot hummus game on.

how to make beetroot hummus:

Course, there are plenty of ways you could freestyle by adding lemon, garlic, tahini and so on, but I think you'll agree that the recipe straight up is pretty damn special...


300g beetroot, cooked (either boil up the stuff out the ground or go straight into the blender with the vacuum-packed version)

50g feta

1 teaspoon cumin seeds


Toast your cumin seeds for a minute or so in a frying pan with some butter, then pop them in the blender, with all the beetroot and feta.

Whizz up till its smooth and voila.


beetroot feta hummus recipe

You can serve it with anything — crudités, crackers, pitta, whatever you think. It's also delicious as a kind of hummus-meets-ketchup substitute. I had it for brunch on rye toast with veggie sausages and roast tomatoes and it was oh so good!

beetroot feta hummus recipe

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beetroot hummus recipe