Make This: Frozen Margaritas

August 1, 2017

Boozy summer slushies? A GREAT IDEA.


As I think back over the past few years' festivals — from LoveBox to Citadel and Wilderness — Jose Cuervo Tequila Town and its addictive frozen margaritas have been an instrumental part in some good, good times. Frozen margs', festivals and fond memories go together as a happy trio in my mind — a trio complete with brain freeze and sugar high. So, in anticipation of my favourite weekend of the year happening next weekend (WILDERNESS!), I thought I'd pre-empt a little bit of the joy and get us in the mood...I made frozen margaritas at home! Turns out it's pretty easy and even on first go, they were hella delicious. All you need is a sturdy kitchen blender (one that demolishes ice cubes)(I can't rate the KitchenAid Diamond Blender highly enough), some tequila, a load of limes, and a little orange liqueur. Oh, and ice. Lots of ice.




50ml Jose Cuervo Especial® Silver

Limes: 30ml freshly squeezed juice; zest of half, a little juice for the rim; wedges to garnish

20ml Orange liqueur

Sugar (optional, add to taste)


Salt (and sugar, optional) for the rim



- Squeeze the limes to make the juice. Add this, plus the zest of half a lime to the blender.

- Add the Jose Cuervo Especial® Silver, the orange liqueur and the ice, and blitz to slushy consistency. Add sugar to taste and blitz to mix.

- Prepare the glasses. Rub the rims with lime juice and roll in salt (and sugar, optional) for that quintessential margarita finish.

- Serve, and finish with a wedge of lime on each glass. Voila! Jose Cuervo festival-style frozen marg's in minutes!

jose cuervo frozen margaritas recipe
jose cuervo frozen margaritas recipe

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