My Next Race: Great North Run + Training

August 21, 2017

It’s just under three weeks ’til my next race and it’s my favourite one of the year… Great North Run! It’s going to be my second time doing it, after years of watching it on TV, and I’m beyond excited to be running it with my Dad (who did it a few years back) and Ed (who did it with my last year!


I’ve done a couple of posts on Great North Run on here before, but I wanted to talk about it again because honestly, it really is just such an ‘event’. More so than any other race (bar London Marathon, obviously), it’s an occasion. There’s a real buzz through the whole of Newcastle all weekend, the locals come out in force with snacks, ice pops, hosepipes, the works, and the Great Run team behind it go all out to make it epic — red arrows overhead are what all races need!


My last race was Copenhagen Marathon back in May, and after the hype of running two marathons in a month (still find it crazy I managed that), I chilled out on the running pretty heavily. London got super hot and sticky so I was favouring cycling and the gym, plus, my anaemia made a comeback and I really felt the effects of it running — breathless and tired in minutes.


Anyway, roll on a couple of months and I’m back to full health and absolutely loving my running commute that I’m doing a couple of times a week. It’s 10.7km so a pretty solid distance to fit in before work, and it’s made me fall head over heels in love with running all over again. I got a new backpack, the Deuter Speed Lite 10 and I swear, it’s made ALL the difference. It’s the best.


With 3 weeks to go, I’ve upped my distance and I’m feeling good! I ran 12km in the week, and 15km this weekend. I’m off to Paris for a couple of days so hope to fit in a little one there, then hopefully an 18km over the Bank Holiday weekend before easing off with shorter runs ’til the big day.


I’m not focusing on a time or a PB. For me, it’s always more about just enjoying the race and feeling and finishing strong. I’m in it for the high! I definitely do feel more prepared for this than most of my other half marathons as I’ve been running good distances regularly (not something I’ve been so good at doing before), foam rolling, stretching and subsequently, managed to keep shin splints at bay for a good few months now — THANK GOODNESS. I’m also 100% confident that my trainers — the adidas UltraBoostX — are the best trainers for me, no matter what the distance.


Just under 3 weeks and counting…roll on!


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