Interior Inspo: Black Kitchens

August 19, 2017

Serving up a little interiors inspo in this post in the form of black kitchens — a Scandinavian inspired aesthetic we've got in mind for the flat.


The first half of this year has been…hectic. Sure, life always kind of is but these past few months it’s been particularly mental. Hi full-time job, blog, festivals, marathons and buying a house. We got the keys mid April and went in all guns blazing. We fully stripped out the kitchen and knocked the wall to the lounge down within 4 days of living there. Good progress you could say, but here we are months later, living with just a microwave, a temp stove and a mini fridge, and I’m thinking we should have maybe thought about it a bit more…


Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled with our progress and Ed’s commitment to the cause (seriously, buy yourself a house with a tradesman, it’s great), but what I’m less impressed with is the wait time for a bloody IKEA kitchen. “Off the shelf” they say. “Take home today” they boast. Not true. It’s going to be September before we have our bleeding kitchen in, and that’s not ‘cos we’re going for anything picky, it’s just the standard IKEA install time. Pfft. (Don’t worry, I’ve given them plenty of of grief over the phone, this is just additional venting… )


The silver lining is that we’ve had plenty of time to ponder over our design and convince ourselves that we are making the right choice. Yep, there’s been plenty of ploughing through Pinterest images, though we pretty quickly came to the conclusion that a matte black, Scandi-style kitchen was for us. Until  I can show you the real deal (our measly microwave meals are not much to write home about right now), here are a couple of inspiration pics showing you the vibe we’re going for instead. I’ll circle back with the real pics in, hmm, maybe February 2022 when IKEA get round to doing the deed. JUST GIMME MY KITCHEN.

Black kitchen inspiration - flashanthology_2

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~ inspiration images via Pinterest, here, here, here, here, and IKEA ~

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