Interior Inspo: Mid Century Sideboards

October 1, 2017

The best thing about buying your own place is being able to lay your floors of choice and pick your own furniture. After years of living in share houses and rented flats where so much as putting a nail on the wall has you slapped with a fee, the whole idea of being able to choose EVERY bit of furniture is really quite the dream.


And finally, now that we're in, I can pursue my mid-century decor dreams, starting with, the all important sideboard. I've been lusting after one of these babies up for a long time, and after hours of research  on Pinterest and in West Elm, I've come to the conclusion they're the ultimate statement living room piece. Whether you choose to put the TV on it, or dress it up with plants, books and vases, they look SO classic and cool - and what with most of them being either remakes or originals from decades back, it's clear they stand the test of time too. (They're also great for hiding all your crap from guests, too.)


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mid-century sideboards

There are loads of gorgeous new versions, but some real gems in antique stores and Gumtree and eBay too. We picked ours up for £250 from an antiques dealer on Gumtree and she's a beautiful G-Plan original. Add the plants, the cacti, the candles and artfully stacked books and you're basically #PinterestGoals...


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