Tried + Tested: Yamagoya, Southwark

November 28, 2017
Yamagoya - flash anthology

There’s nothing more comforting on a cold, winter’s evening that a steaming hot bowl of ramen. So satisfying and delicious, and, unlike a lot of other comfort food (mac and cheese, I’m looking at you buddy), actually pretty wholesome. Last week, we tried Yamagoya, a new little ramen spot on The Cut in Southwark, that's straight out of Japan — in fact, it’s the first one in Europe following a mighty 140+ in Japan (with that many, you’re kind of confident that these guys know what they’re doing, right?)


A simple little space with modest wooden tables and chairs, Yamagoya is a low key lunch or dinner spot. Give or take a few other dishes and snacks, it’s really all about the ramen here. Veggie snacks are limited aside from kimchi (yum) but Ed devoured the chicken karage and pork gyoza in minutes — so you can his word for the fact that those were a delicious way to start! On to the ramen, you’ve got eight to choose from. I went for the veggie option, Tofu Miso: a miso and konbu broth with fried tofu, bamboo shoots, spring onions and sweet corn. Oh, it was delicious. Full of flavour and so comforting. It wasn’t too salty like some ramen I’ve had, and not TOO out facing either — I pretty much drained all the broth and the noodles! The tofu was that perfectly crisp-on-the-outside kind, the sort that’s impossible to master at home (if anyone has the secret, please share). Ed went for the Oyako Ramen, a chicken bone broth with chicken, a marinated egg, seaweed, bamboo shoots and spring onions. Another hit — we both left empty bowls!


We didn’t really need dessert but we’d seen THAT raindrop cake on Instagram and felt obliged…! It was okay. I mean, its selling point is definitely novelty, so get one for the 'gram, otherwise skip! Price wise, Yamagoya is really reasonable —£7.50-9.50 for ramen, and £3.50 for a glass of wine, and £1.50-4 for sides. I’d definitely go back for a tasty warming dinner on a cold night.


Yamagoya - Flash Anthology
Yamagoya - Flash Anthology

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