How I’m Going To Be Better This Year

January 10, 2018
self improvement

Last year was great but there are a few things I want to do better in 2018 and beyond. I want to be more present and more appreciative of the moment. I want to be less overwhelmed. I want to learn to switch off for an evening. In this digital day and age when we’re using our screens for work, fun, socialising and everything in between, it’s almost impossible to go even an hour without checking our phones or logging on to our laptops. And whilst we all use it daily, there’s no doubt social media has the power of making us feel great as well as making us feel shitty, full of doubt and comparison. I’ll admit, my phone is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at at night, but going forward, I want to change that, along with a few other positive changes too…

less time scrolling

the first one is a big one and something a lot of people I know are trying to do less of this year. No more aimlessly consuming social media feeds! I’m not saying I’m coming off social media, it’s a crucial part of what I do and it keeps me informed, BUT I am going to stop myself from losing 30 minutes of my life by wistfully scrolling through strangers’ pictures, subconsciously comparing myself and wistfully pining after make-believe things. It’s not good, it’s not healthy, and it does nothing for my productivity.

switch off Sundays

I’m the worst at switching off. The worst. The fact that I have a LOT of energy doesn’t help, but I’m also really good at kicking myself if I’m not working or being productive 24/7. This year, I’m determined to make Sundays nights ‘a thing’. Not a thing where we’re working ’til 11pm like we usually are, but a wine and a bubble bath thing, or a roast dinner at the dinner table thing, or a sit back and watch a film together thing. I’m excited!


gah! something we should totally be doing already, I’m determined to make a real effort to recycle properly this year. We don’t have any recycling facilitates at our house (shame on you Lewisham Council!) so it’s a case of stashing our plastics and cardboards then taking it to the bins at the supermarket — something we will do properly this year!

more time for friends

what with buying and doing up the house, 2017 seemed to be ALL about DIY and feeling swamped under that, and i’m the first to admit I didn’t give my friends as much time as I should have done or wanted to. This is the year for changing that. More dinners, more phone calls, more quality time!

keeping on top of my to-do lists

i’m a lover of lists but the worst for staying on top of them. this year, I’m determined not to overwhelm myself with mile-long lists and at the same time, make sure I’m keeping on top of admin, deadlines and invoices!

more packed lunches

I’m pretty good at making packed lunches but I could definitely be better. On a good week, I’ll bulk-make something on a Sunday so have lunches through to Wednesday, but if I’ve had a busy weekend or haven’t got stuff in, they’ll easily fall by the weigh-side. Money aside (though that is a huge factor!), making your own lunch means you guarantee you have something you like, it’s usually way healthier and full of veg, and there’s the satisfaction you get from being domesticated and organised too!

more water

I fell off the wagon with this one last year but I’m determined to be committed to drinking more water this year. Good for the skin, the hair, the body, general alertness… the works! I MUST be better!

less time staring into a screen

I’m making a commitment this year to spend more time offline. To put pen to paper. To read. To go exploring without getting my phone out. I spend all day in front of a screen, then I come home to use another screen, and in between those, I’m using my phone screen. it’s mental! Relentless. I’m determined to not be so square-eyed this year...

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