Be You, Do You (and Do It Really Bloody Well)

February 13, 2018
be you do you

So in this post, I wanted to talk about you and your USP(s). Your unique selling points. The things that you love about you and other people love about you, and the importance of knowing them, sharing them, owning them, and most importantly, remembering that they’re what make you you.

You’ve spent your whole life growing and working into the person you are today, and it’s your own experiences, highs, lows, friends and family that have shaped you into the unique being that you are. It would be strange to adopt characteristics you didn’t like, so we can assume, or at least hope, that you are every bit on track to being the person you truly want to be with all the qualities you strive to both have and exude. And that needs celebrating.

Now that we can see so far into people’s lives by way of social media and reality TV, it’s easy to look at what other people are doing well or how great other people come across, and find yourself yearning after aspects of their lives — be it their hair, their French coolness, exotic holidays, perfect relationships, bodies or wardrobes. You look at them in awe, and if you’re not careful, or don’t check yourself, you start to pick faults with yourself.

Now admiration is a great thing: a source of inspiration, and something we’ve been doing it for years (only it used to be friends of friends, or characters in books be were in totally awe of), and of course, there are always going to be things we’ll all wish for — I for one wouldn’t say no to better skin or being able to live by the beach… But the important thing, in fact, the crux to success in our modern lives when what we’re mainly subjected to is a showreel of the best bits of people’s lives, is making sure you’re able to take a step back from it and do you. That you aren’t pining after someone else’s whole life, and that admiration isn’t making you change the wonderful way you roll.

You can’t live someone else’s life and if you haven’t got them noted already, it’s about time acknowledge and respect your own wow-factor points.

Many of us aren’t following the traditional career path anymore and instead shaping our own futures. That’s meant to mean full-on freedom, right? But more and more, I’m getting a sad sense that there’s even more of a strict path people feel they have to follow, and a sense of guilt if you’re not doing or acting as someone else is. You have to do this on Instagram. People won’t like if you share pics of that. You have to start a YouTube channel. You should try and be more like so and so… Where’s embracing your USP? Where’s putting the real you out there?

Do what feels right.

Do what feels good and do what makes you happy.

Don’t do things for boys, don’t things for your parents, don’t do things for your following or brands, DO THINGS FOR YOU.

The world of ‘influencing’ is all well and good so long as it’s not influencing you to feel bad about yourself. And you shouldn’t be doing things because you feel like you have to. If you’re passionate about something then ace, run with it, but if you’re not, ask yourself, why the hell are you doing it? And on the contrary, it goes without saying, don’t let anyone, any brand, or following let you think you shouldn’t talk about the things you are passionate about.

To wrap up, let me say this: it’s totally fine to pine after someone’s blemish-free, glowy skin, so long as you’re not wishing you were in their skin.


— photo by Kim, originally for Jigsaw.

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