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Checking In: Humboldt Treehouse, Herefordshire

February 28, 2018

Once we got over the initial blip that our Humboldt treehouse was in Herefordshire not Hertfordshire (so a 3 hour drive from London rather than a 1 hour drive as I’d thought when I booked it, loooool) we had a really bloody lovely weekend. This place is special, and so perfect for a weekend away from it all. And by ‘all’ I mean everything: TV, wifi, other people, sirens, house clutter, to-do lists, responsibilities…the whole works. As much as I love camping, Ed doesn’t, so staying in a treehouse complete with hot water, electricity, and a bathtub in the middle of nowhere is the perfect middle ground. HUMBOLDT TREEHOUSE is one of the six unique glamping sites at Brook House Woods, though they’re so well spaced out, you’d never know there was anyone else nearby… 

Glamping is ultimate escapism. Something super different to the norm, one that makes you think and act differently, and live a simpler life, if not just for a night or two. We chopped wood for the log burner, cooked dinner using just a gas hob, ate only the supplies we’d packed, and when we ran out of hot water, used the whistling kettle to heat the bath (the outdoor bath — an adventurer’s dream!).

If it was warmer, we’d have spent the days roaming the rolling hills of Herefordshire and the evenings out on our balcony, using the barbecue and reading on the hammock, soaking up every minute of daylight and the beautiful British countryside. As it was, (minus 4 degrees!) we kept it cosy indoors with the fire roaring, slippers on, and shared pasta and wine at the makeshift table: a wooden cable drum. We got in the dressing gowns that were waiting for us, climbed in to marvellous hand-carved bed, and revelled in the rarity of an early night with no tv and no distractions. Come morning, we made eggs, drank coffee, chatted, shared a bath, and played with some friends that we made in a nearby field…  

Summer or winter, Humboldt treehouse is the cosiest of cabins that feels at once romantic, rustic and rural. Lovers, I recommend you make a break for it and soak up the simplest of lives together, if only for weekend.


This magical treehouse stay was organised with CANOPY AND STARS, who have a bucketload of incredible places from treehouses to yurts, which are perfect for lovers and families with adventurous hearts. 

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