Making Time To Plan And Reflect With Newby Teas

May 29, 2018

I’m the kind of person who needs a plan. Spontaneity is not my thing. I like to know upfront what I’m doing and where I’ll be for the next 6 months, hence I book my year’s worth of weekend breaks at Christmas, and I’m not good with interferences to my plans. There, I said it. I’m highly strung.

Newby Teas

As you may have gathered, I'm someone who takes life at a million miles an hour, barely stopping for breath unless I have to. The combination of all the things I do — the desk job, the running, the blogging, the travelling — are what keeping me ticking with glee, and it’s the doing everything together that somehow creates a sense of balance… I wouldn’t say it’s calm (it’s not) but it totally works for me. There are of course times when I drop the ball or something screws up the schedule and when one thing goes, the equilibrium goes way off… And though I’m an avid supporter of planning ahead, I wouldn’t say I’m as good at planning the specifics or taking time out to appreciate, anticipate and reflect. Make that, I never take the time out to appreciate, anticipate and reflect.

More recently though, maybe it’s the beginnings of a new self-love phase (or dare I say it, a getting older thing...), I’ve started to really realise that I’m not making the most of opportunities or occasions. They come and go, and being who I am, I’m straight onto the next thing. No time to stop and think. Bucket list trips, milestone life moments, DIY, career highlights… blink and it’s over. And whilst having a blog is the most amazing way of documenting things, as is Instagram that I use like a diary, I’ve a lot to learn in the art of savouring the moment.

Newby Teas
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Newby Teas

And that’s where Newby Teas [ad] come in. Teaching me to go 5% slower, savour the odd 20 minutes over a fresh brew, to slow down. To put my feet up for an hour, to research our next trip and actually allow the time to get excited for it, to take 10 minutes out to call my grandparents, to dedicate half an hour to reliving a holiday through photographs… It’s all well and good this grab and go lifestyle, but it leaves you no time to reflect and that’s something I’m really starting to act upon…hopefully not too late in the game!

Later this year, Ed and I go to India. Kerala and Rajasthan: a serious bucket list trip I absolutely can’t wait for, and I’m determined to set aside time before then to fully immerse myself in the culture (I’m talking music, films, the works), plan out our itinerary so we know exactly what we’ve got instore, research friends’ recommendations, and even read some (light!) Indian literature so we’re fully consumed and wholly there. If you’ve got any recommendations, ping them my way. I’ll put the kettle on…


This post was created in collaboration with Newby Teas, who are helping teach me to slow down and appreciate the little things. My favourite blend at the moment is the Green Sencha tea, which is light, summer and calming, and takes a little bit of me back to faraway lands.

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