Tomorrow’s Race…SwimRun!

June 8, 2018
SwimRun 2018

So tomorrow I’m doing my favourite race of the year… SwimRun. I’m heading up to the Lake District tonight ready for a bright and early start in my wetsuit tomorrow — and I’m crossing my fingers for sunshine!

More of an adventure of a race, SwimRun is a Swedish concept that landed in the UK last year, organised by event extraordinaire, Great Swim. A combo of swimming and running (as the name would suggest…) only it’s different to a duathlon in the sense the you run, then swim, then run again, then swim again…and so on. So you’re in and out of the water, and you’re in your wetsuit and trainers the whole time. As in yes, you run in your wetsuit and you swim in your trainers. And boy oh BOY, is it fun. (If not a little exhausting, yes.)

I did it with my dad last year and we ABSOLUTELY loved it. Every minute of it. Even though it was the drizzliest summer’s day imaginable, we had such a good time and really didn’t want it to end! Running in a wetsuit was definitely a new experience for the both of us, and jumping into a lake in trainers is never going to not feel odd. You swim across the finish line, which, for someone who’s lost count of how many half marathons they’ve ran, is something totally different and oh so FUN. There’s a real sense of adventure, and unlike a marathon that you have to dedicate months of training for, or a triathlon where you’re chasing that time, SwimRun is a far more leisurely and more enjoyable event — more like something from an overly ambitious school sports day than anything else! I know they like to slate organised fun, but this has to be the best kind (assuming you’re cool with open water and potentially a little chafing….)

This year, we’re set for sunshine so I’ve high hopes it’s going to be EVEN more awesome. We’ve opted for the short distance (10.6km) again (you can do the 21km middle distance, or the mammoth 36.5km distance) as I’ve been injured until recently and not training so we figured we better play it safe…

So excited. Stay tuned on my social for more and I’ll report back on here after the weekend...

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