Simple Trip Planning With Microsoft 365 OneNote

June 16, 2018

This post was created in collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 [ad]. I use Office 365 all day everyday — if it’s not writing blog posts or press releases on Word, it’s my work emails on Outlook, or doing expenses and invoices on Excel. Then there’s OneNote – the perfect traveller’s tool for everything from trip planning, to scrapbooking, making mood boards, sharing itineraries, and more.

Holidays and trips bring me a LOT of joy (as you might have probably guessed…). There’s the booking the flights buzz, the extensive visual researching, the planning and logistics, the being there (duh), then the flicking through all the photos after — oh, not to mention a whole bloody lifetime of memories you get from exploring new places. That’s pretty much why I travel so much. One little weekend gives you uncountable hours of good time vibes.

This weekend, I’m headed to Porto with my sis and I’m VERY excited. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages, and even booked last year… only for our airline company to go bust and our flights to be cancelled. Money gone too. But we’re back on track, and more excited than ever.

Microsoft Office 365 One Note
Microsoft Office 365 One Note
Microsoft Office 365 One Note

The secret to making the most of a quick weekend away is having a plan, and a handful of pre-researched, pre-bookmarked places you wanna go. Instagram is a godsend for finding great places and recommendations from others, then Microsoft Office 365 OneNote [ad] is a lifesaver, making it mega easy to save everything in one place, plan it all out, map your distances, and then share it all at the click of a button with your travel button. As my sister lives up North and I’m down here in London, she’s a doctor working wild hours and I’m forever chasing my tail to keep on top of my workload, planning over an app, rather than on the phone makes things move a little more swiftly… we actually make decisions!

5 bookmarked spots in Porto:

...where I'll be making a bee-line for as soon as we arrive!

cais da riberia

porto's riverside quarter, cais da riberia looks so cute and colourful. i'm looking forward to wandering along the sun-soaked streets and stopping at one of the little cafes to people-watch...

são bento train station

ah! the instagram spot in Porto, I'm so excited to finally get to see the pretty tiles at São Bento train station for myself!


portuguese for 'cod', bacalhau is said to be one of the most delicious places to get fresh seafood in porto, well located on the waterfront. I'll be sure to share my verdict...

rosa et al townhouse

looking for a hotel that's #interiorgoals? rosa et al is your spot — all wooden floors, warm lighting, natural materials, and clawfoot bathtubs... alas, it was all booked up the dates we're going but next time...

hotel teatro

...instead we've found super gorgeous design hotel, hotel teatro, which looks pretty swishy and a great location too.


This post and this video were created in collaboration with Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 One Note
Microsoft Office 365 One Note
Microsoft Office 365 One Note
Microsoft Office 365 One Note

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