Life Lately {june}

June 16, 2019

This past week aside (rain, rain and more rain), I feel like it’s been a pretty awesome start to the summer. The weather’s been good, London’s been a dream, and I seem to have packed my weeks and weekends pretty full with friends, food, festivals, and a bit of holidaying too. I haven’t really done a post like this in ages but I thought I’d do a bit of a diary-like dumping ground with some favourite things from the last few weeks... 

Flash Anthology - 35mm - 6
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 14

I guess through ‘til the end of May it was marathon, marathon, marathon. We had the best time in Copenhagen and spent the Monday after the race hobbling around, stopping for cinnamon buns, and Mikkeller. We always go to the same spots in Copenhagen, my favourites are Warpigs, mother pizza, Torvehallerne, and Mikkeller Baghaven. It’s just such a great city.

Flash Anthology - 35mm - 11
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 10

Back in London, the sun’s been out, I’ve been cycling here, there and everywhere (trying to boycott the train because it’s such a wasteful expense for me!). I really do live for these long, late nights and early mornings — there’s nothing nicer than waking up to daylight at 5am! Makes early starts a lot more bearable.

I’m loving yoga right now. I’ve done a few fab Power Yoga classes at Frame and have found myself really craving that feeling it gives you afterwards. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is but I’m into it. I also think it’s amazing exercise and does wonders for sculpting your arms and shoulders.I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with running, putting it off whenever I can, but I’m working through that slowly but surely and just planning to build it back up slowly.

Flash Anthology - 35mm - 1

I bought an Olympus Muji 35mm camera off of eBay so have started shooting on film a little bit. It’s funny, it’s so different, and really teaching me the art of patience. Not being able to see shots right away isn’t what I’m used to but I’m enjoying the process and hopefully, I’ll improve (my first roll wasn’t exactly the world's best…).

I’ve been trying to read lots. After a bit of a slow spell with The God of Small Things (though I did love it in the end), I’ve enjoyed Conversations with Friends, Lullaby, now I’m onto Ordinary People.

Flash Anthology - 35mm - 4
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 9

I’ll leave holidays for another post but we had a lovely quick weekend in Mallorca with Jet2 that was all sun and seafood, and festivals have been keeping my weekends busy (and boozy) since. Junction 2 was EPIC, followed by Field Day in its sick, new warehouse location the same weekend.

Ed and I also did a day trip to Whitstable which was so nice! It wasn’t all that sunny but we had a lovely time eating scampi and chips and wandering along the beachfront.

My parents were down and we had a great day out in East London. It’s just so lovely around there, especially in the sunshine. We hit up Broadway Market for food, wandered around Victoria Park, stopped for beer in People’s Park Tavern, then had dinner at Sodo: my OG fave London pizza spot.

Flash Anthology - 35mm - 2
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 5
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 7
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 12
Flash Anthology - 35mm - 13

Speaking of food, I’ve had some delicious meals out recently. Leroy in Shoreditch is a new fave — everything from the space to the wine and menu is right on. Dumpling Shack in Spitalfields is low-key Asian goodness, and Bao Borough is also a bloody tasty time.

Finally, we’ve been busy holiday planning and have booked Mexico for November, wahoo! It’s my first time there (if you don’t count a day in Tijuana) and I couldn’t be more excited. We’re doing two weeks and I can’t wait to eat all the tacos, take all the pics, and soak up all the vibes.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling there and be back with another catch up soon!