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36 Hours In Mallorca

July 11, 2019

Mallorca is an insanely beautiful place. I spent a short but very sweet 36 hours on the island thanks to JET2 HOLIDAYS [gifted trip] but managed to squeeze an idyllic holiday into just a weekend. I swam in the sea, got a tan, drank local wine, ate seafood on the beach…ticked all the holiday boxes! On of the main things I learnt from this trip —besides the fact that Mallorca is mad beautiful (more on that to come) — is that package holidays don’t have to mean the played-out stereotype of all-inclusive drinks, dubious breakfast buffets, and noisy children by the pool. What they do do is make trips quick to plan, easy to book, and straightforward when you get there. Perfect for when you’re short on time (and budget) and want to dive straight in to holiday mode. Here’s how to spend 36 hours on the seriously beautiful island of Mallorca… 


CALEIA TALAYOY SPA HOTEL — located in Cala Millor, slap bang in the middle of the east coast of Mallorca, Caleia Talayot Spa Hotel is a great 4-star hotel that’s brilliantly located right on the beach front, an hour from Palma airport. Rooms are spacious, clean and comfy, and there’s a sun-drenched terrace and pool, which is a great spot for sundowners, and a day of sunbathing if you don’t really feel like moving. Breakfast isn’t included but I sometimes think that’s quite a good thing as it gets you out exploring early. Get a cheap and tasty breakfast baguette on the promenade at SA CALETA

getting around

If you book with JET2 HOLIDAYS, transfers to and from the airport are included so no need to worry about tackling driving on the other side of the road. That being said, I’m a sucker for exploring, getting lost and finding the quietest beach on the island so we did choose to hire a car at the airport so we could zip about a bit more. Though it’s the biggest of the Balearics, Mallorca is still pretty small so journeys are manageable and you can see a lot of the island if you plan it out well. 

It’s still on my list to do a full blog on car hire in Europe but my top three takeaways are 1) Get the smallest car you can for squeezing into tight parking spaces. 2) Always book online beforehand for the same car at a snip of the price. And 3) Don’t forget you need to have a credit card in the name of the lead driver with you. 

best beaches

Small but mighty, Mallorca boasts so many incredible beaches and some of the clearest waters you’re gonna find in Europe. You do need a car to get to some of the best beaches on the island as they’re quite spread out and the best ones are more remote. We only got chance to explore a small stretch of the South East coast of the island but it was a real jackpot of amazing beaches and beautiful swimming spots. My favourites and absolute must-swims are: 

CALO DEL MORO — now this is the wow-factor beach of South East Mallorca you really shouldn’t miss. Bonkers beautiful, you look down on Calo Del Moro before you scramble down to it, and it seriously will make your jaw drop. More of a swimming spot than a beach as there isn’t any sand, the water is crystal clear with tall cliffs either side. It’s a pretty steep descend but so worth it.

S’ALMUNIA — blissed out and calm, S’Almunia is the sort of spot you could (and should!) easily spend all day with a picnic and a bottle of wine, hopping in for a swim when it all gets too hot. Keeping walking through round the headland from Cala Del Moro and you’ll find it within minutes. Glistening waters, deserted shacks within the rocks that make for great bathing spots, and impressive rock formations and cliffs you’re definitely gonna wanna dive in from.

S’AMARADOR — sandy beach fans should make tracks for S’Amarador, a long white sand beach surrounded by pine trees and with clear, shallow waters. One of few beaches in the Cala Mondrago nature reserve, it’s pristine and well kept, not overly busy as it’s long, and glorious for swimming.  

CALA D’EN BORGIT — some of the clearest waters you’re gonna find in Mallorca, Cala D’en Borgit is the perfect swimming spot with its sandy shores, gentle rocky cliffs to leap from and glistening, crystal waters. So calm and so beautiful, it’s pretty small though so prepare to get cosy with some beach neighbours.

CALA MONDRAGO — between Cala D’en Borgit and S’Amarador, Cala Mondrago is a slightly busier sandy beach that’s good for families, kids and those who like refreshments! If you’re here or on one of the neighbouring beaches (S’Amarador and Cala D’en Bourgit are in minimal walking distance), definitely stop for lunch at Restaurant Sa Font de n’Alis. Grab a table in the sun, a bottle of wine, and enjoy tasty, fresh seafood done well. 

go back for

36 hours gave me a taste of the good stuff and I’m already thinking about how soon I can get back to Mallorca. We went straight from Palma airport to our hotel on the east coast, and explored the beaches south of there but there’s plenty more to see. I’ve heard great things about: 

SOLLER — Up on the north coast, Soller is said to be beautiful. A pretty old town with a beautiful harbour, glorious sunsets, and plenty of gorgeous beaches, it sounds like a great spot to spend a few days. Probably the boujiest part of the island with beaut beaches aplenty, I’ve heard great things and it’s high on my list of places to go. Google ‘Deia’ and I think you’ll be convinced… 

PALMA — Palma has really evolved in recent years, growing into a pretty trendy city with all sorts of cool bars, chic boutiques, and design hotels you’re gonna wanna stay at. If you can, add on a few days to your beach trip to get a bit of city vibes too.

PUERTO POLLENÇA — I remember going to Puerto Pollença when I was a little kid, and since seeing pictures, I’m desperate to go back. It’s looks beautiful! Up on the north coast near Soller, it’s a charming town set around the Bay of Pollença, with cute restaurants, gorgeous sunsets, and no shortage of sandy beaches for swimming.

* Thanks to Jet2Holidays to a totally glorious trip [gifted]. We flew from London Stansted to Mallorca (Palma) on Friday evening, returning Sunday evening — the ultimate weekend break!