Taking On The 8-week Energy Project Challenge With Psycle

July 6, 2019

Always up for a challenge, I’m so buzzed to be taking on an 8-week Energy Project challenge with Psycle. That means committing to five classes for eight weeks…and let it be known, their classes are not easy! If you’ve ever done a Psycle spin class, I reckon you’re thinking I’m kinda mental right now, as they are intense. But, I’m going to be making sure I mix it up with a combo of spinning, yoga and barre, so to keep things interesting, but also, to work different muscles in different ways which is the most important thing of all.

Psycle Energy Project

Though intense, this 8-week programme has come at the perfect time as I’m training for two BIG challenges: a cycle from London to Paris in September, and my next marathon very soon after! Besides feeling a little bit nervous that I’m compromising quality running time (I’ve accepted that I’m just going to have no social life from now ’til September), I feel like the combo I’m doing is gonna to be the ultimate training — with everything from cardio, to strength training and stretch and recovery to keep me on track, motivated, and (fingers and toes crossed!) injury free.

I’m just over a week in and one of the biggest things I’ve been reminded of so far is that sweat really isn’t everything! Spin classes are fast paced and furious. Everything is damp. And you’ve got sweat dripping off your nose, off your elbows, and onto the handlebars. It’s good. But then I did my first ever barre class this week, and though I didn’t break a sweat but it felt so, so good and was so, so taxing, with all your focus on tiny movements and keeping real control. It burned.

Another thing I’m loving and acknowledging is the structure and rigidity of a class-based programme. You can’t cancel any class within 12-hours so once you commit, you commit. And classes are all at least 45-minutes so you do have to plan your time around them — especially when you’re trying to fit in five a week! I’ve never been so organised!

So far, so good. I’m excited to share more of this Psycle journey with you. And please, please, if you’re intrigued, come and join me at a class!