Next Up: Berlin Marathon, Baby

August 14, 2019
Berlin Marathon with adidas

Some news! I’m running Berlin Marathon! Wahoooooooo. In like, oh wait, 7 weeks. 

OH SHIT. Panic. Panic!

Another marathon already? And so soon? Yes. For some crazy reason (and a big thank you to adidas for kindly scoring Ed and I a spot), a couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to do another a marathon. Actually, scrap that. I pretty much decided it half way through Copenhagen Marathon when it all started to not really go to plan. 30km in when it was feeling SO tough and I was feeling so rough (puking in a marathon ain't the one), I remember thinking, ‘well, hopefully the next one will be better.’ And now the next one is well, really, really soon! 

Am I prepared? No. But are you ever really prepared? 26 miles is a long bloody way and if there's anything I've learnt through doing 3 marathons and over a dozen half marathons so far, it's that you really can't predict what will happen along the way! Course, I have been running a bit since CPH and working out loads at Psycle, but I sure have got a lot of work to put in over the next few weeks! *goodbye wine and social life*

The thing is, you get the bug. The marathon bug. I’m doing Berlin for the hype, for the adrenaline, the slog, and the 26 miles of questioning your own ability and really asking yourself how deep you can dig. I’m also doing it for that total euphoria of crossing the line, that unmatchable sense of relief, and for the huge, huge sense of pride and self-respect you get to carry around on your shoulders and in your heart for the weeks and months that follow. 

Marathons (in fact, endurance races of any kind) can teach you more about yourself than you’ll ever know. They make you dig deeper inside yourself than you’ll ever really have to, show you your own strength and determination, then leave you feeling higher than a kite.

How could I say no to another? 

Berlin, BE KIND. (And big big thank you adidas!)