3 Top Places To Eat In Lisbon

August 25, 2019

Lisbon has to be one of the best cities for food in Europe. It’s all about the seafood and there’s a nice mix of old institutions boasting decades of rave reviews, and newer restaurants with celebrated chefs doing exciting things. I’ve got a full guide to Lisbon coming soon with lots of great places to explore, but if you’re into food, here are three great places I can’t recommend enough….

A Cevicheria

My absolute favourite restaurant in Lisbon isn’t strictly Portuguese (it’s Peruvian!) but it’s totally fantastic and you must, must go. A CEVICHERIA is, as the name suggests, all about ceviche. Portuguese chef Kiko Martins travelled the world researching and cooking, before returning to Lisbon and bringing his skills for the  zingiest, freshest, most beautiful ceviche with him. For fine dining, A Cevicheria isn’t too badly priced at all — especially the set menu which is great value given how much food you actually get. The space itself is stunning with a giant octopus suspended over the kitchen! You’re likely to have to wait for a table as it’s no secret to locals nor out-of-towners but get a Pisco Sour and suck it up. It’s worth it I promise. 


One of the most exciting additions to Lisbon’s food scene, PRADO is a stunning restaurant located in a former factory in Baixa (right next door to The Lisboans – my favourite place to stay). It’s headed up by António Galapito, a young chef who cut his teeth under Nuno Mendes in London, and it focuses on using local and seasonal produce for a modern take on classic Portuguese cuisine. It has a relaxed atmosphere though the food is some of the finest in the city. Don’t miss it!


A real institution in Lisbon, RAMIRO has been serving up some of the freshest seafood to local punters since 1956. It’s earned itself a real legendary status for its big feasting plates of lobster, crab, tiger prawns, clams and plenty more. You order your seafood by weight and along with it comes a big pile of buttery bread — perfect for soaking up one too many glasses of vino verde. Said legendary status does mean queues: take a ticket and prepare to wait for up to an hour. Fresh juicy tiger prawns makes it all worth the wait!