Studio Spotlight: Power Yoga At Psycle

August 10, 2019
Psycle Power Yoga

I’m writing this with aching triceps and thighs, a few days on from an amazing Power Yoga class at Psycle, one of the classes I’ve done every week recently as part of my 8-week Energy Project

It’s the sort of yoga class I really love: the type that works you hard, tests your balance and makes you sweat. For years, I got into the habit of thinking yoga was a bit meh, and that I’d prefer to dedicate my time to more strenuous exercise, but in a total U-turn move, I’ve grown to love it over the last few months and now see it as a really important thing to make time for. A big part of that mind-shift is finding a class and/or a teacher you enjoy — it makes all the difference. I’ve also come to realise that it’s only in yoga classes like these, ones that challenge you and really do test your strength and stamina, that my mind is able to focus and stay in the room. At this point (with my limited yoga experience) anything less challenging means my brain is whizzing around the room, thinking through my to-do list and about what I need to do after class. 

Psycle's Power Yoga is a rigorous 60-minute class, which follows much of the usual Vinyasa flow, but with a pretty fast pace. It's designed to raise your heart rate and condition, strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Some of the poses can be a real test of strength — you'll often find yourself shaking and dripping with sweat through some of the poses in the class. 

Power Yoga one of Psycle’s eight yoga offerings, other yoga classes include Foundations (for mastering the basics), Pregnancy Yoga, Yin After Dark (total wind-down) and more. It’s on the timetable at both Mortimer Street and Shoreditch, and I'd really reccomend trying to do a class with Chris or Tania, who are both fab. Psycle ain’t cheap (classes are £22 though cheaper if you buy in bulk) but it is a brilliant class and if you're someone like me who favours a fast-paced, intense yoga class, it's definitely worth giving it a go.

Studios are pristine with helpful staff, slick changing rooms fully stocked with amenities, and smoothie bars to refuel after class. The yoga studio at Mortimer Street is flooded with natural light, and mats, blocks and straps are all provided. 

After 60 minutes on the mat at Psycle, you’ll feel calm, but challenged, sweaty and strong.