Make This: Creamy Sunday Morning Mushrooms On Toast

March 22, 2020

So beige foods never look great but you’ve gotta trust me: these creamy, marmitey mushrooms on toast are delicious, and such a quick and tasty brunch option — especially when you’ve ran out of eggs and can’t be arsed to run to the shop on a lazy Sunday morning.

I’m one of four and growing up, we used to be so fickle and all always demand different breakfast options. I stopped eating meat aged 13, so mushrooms on toast was a weekend brekkie staple growing up. It’s still a favourite of mine: it’s cheap as chips, uses just four ingredients (mushrooms, flour, marmite and milk) and is especially satisfying in the colder months when you want something warming and tasty to wake up to. Not the prettiest, definitely the tastiest…


Half a box of mushrooms

Plain flour

Milk (of choice)



– Slice your mushroom and put them in a saucepan with a generous knob of butter and a good seasoning of black pepper. Let them sizzle away and soak up all that buttery goodness. 

– Meanwhile, mix two tablespoons of flour with a dash of milk in a mug to make a paste. Stir as well as you can to get out any lumps, then top up to almost the brim with milk. 

– Pour the milky-floury mix over mushrooms and stir in, along with a good teaspoon of marmite. On the heat, this will thicken fast so keep your eye on the pan and keep stirring. 

– After a few minutes, the sauce will have thickened into a good consistency. Don’t let it get too gloopy, and if it is, add a little more milk. Check it’s seasoned enough (you might want to add more pepper or marmite) then serve onto buttery toast. Easy, quick and tasty — voila!