Postcards From Pembrokeshire

November 11, 2020

So this is the first in a slew of posts from our little adventure to Pembrokeshire that we managed to slot into the summer between the lockdowns — oh, how free that short period of this year felt! Pembrokeshire is somewhere that had been on my list for a while, and now that we’ve been, scratched the surface, and swam at a few of its beaches, I’m even more keen to go back and see the rest of it! Go for the beaches (seriously, wow), and hang around for the lovely campsites, the walks, the Welsh Rarebit stops, and slow-paced towns where everyone seems to have got this whole life thing down.

We were in Pembrokeshire for 4 nights, and spent two nights camping (at the tail-end of the season when it was just about warm enough to do so!) and two nights at fabulous fforest — more on that in the next post! We had equal parts sun and lashing rain (the latter of which we hid from in cosy pubs with pints of Guinness), ate a spectacular amount of fish and chips, and I got stung in dramatic fashion by a Welsh weaver fish. So all in all, it was the ultimate British holiday.

— photos taken on Kodak 35mm film on Olympus AF10