Saturday, April 5

Spring whites

Warehouse dress, American Apparel skirt, Calvin Klein bag from My Bag.  

I'm one of those irritating people who tend to celebrate a new season a little prematurely. And when I say a little, I mean a lot prematurely. Hence, the bare thighs in April. (What? It was sunny!) The way I see it (and the approach I learnt in Sydney), the earlier I start to appreciate something, the longer it lasts. How many times have you thought, 'Where did the summer go?' Too many right? This way, at least I can take comfort in having made the most of it from the start. With that in mind, you can see why I'm all about spring whites. Spring anything.

For that reason, my leather goods needed an update ready for the season. Something lighter, brighter, paler, more spring-like. And what's more spring-like than a pebble textured, white leather bag? One big enough to carry my sunglasses and tokenistic cardigan, but too small for a thick outer layer, and relaxed enough to casually fling over my shoulder for a sunny outing to the pub. Honestly, I think it's perfect.

'Til autumn, see you later bulky black bag.

Friday, April 4


ph: tumblr

Feeling Zen, just in time for the weekend. Have a good one. X

Monday, March 24

Lusting on lingerie

I used to be highly sceptical of expensive lingerie. Why would I want to spend £100+ on something that's covered up 95% of the time when I could I put it towards a pair of shoes that would make an outfit and score me compliments all day? It all changed when I started designing lingerie. For a final university module last year one of my projects was to design a lingerie collection. I started off stumped then grew so into it I had excess pages with different strap widths, fastenings, slightly wider, more sexily spaced triangles... The Topshop lingerie wall became like a library to me, Stella McCartney separates were essentials purchases for 'research', and Elle Macpherson Intimates were bought and invested in like art. 

Now, a year on with an obsession that's only grown, one of my favourite brands is Myla. Stocked at luxury department stores like Harrods, it's sophisticated, high quality and sexier than any pair of heels. (Don't get me wrong, I still love shoes but there's something about luxury lingerie that makes you feel a million dollars and seriously good from the inside-out. Plus, there's not the physical pain that you get from wearing high heels all day.) The new collection spans everything from kimonos to balcony bras and night slips, with lace making up a large proportion of the pieces. Now, red lingerie might have a trashy stigma attached but Myla successfully overcomes that, for its scarlet lace triangle bras are everything but trashy.

Below are some of the stand out pieces of this season's collection, of which naturally, I need at least a couple. Okay, so I wouldn't ever be able to justify spending £2000 on a kimono (anyone gifting?) but £95 for a bra isn't completely out of the question. Advance on next month's pay cheque? 

Friday, March 21

Feet requirements

I've been walking to work for the past 2 weeks with the sun shining and London feeling spring-like. London in the sunshine is unbeatable. It puts a permanent smile on my face, so much so that I do probably look a little high on my hike — I definitely think I run on Vitamin D. Plus, I tend to have this song by The Neighbourhood on repeat because a) it's just too good and b) it's topical for British spring climes.

Granted, the walking thing is good exercise and it serves to get me out of the house earlier (it's a good hour and ten minute walk) but more importantly, it's given me a reason to look for new sneakers. Because naturally, I need a new pair. And I've found the pair I want. Practical (black, they go with everything), comfy (all my Nike sneakers are), and smart enough to keep on at the office (who am I kidding, anything goes when you work in fashion), I think I've just about justified them. Okay, yep, I'm getting them.

Tuesday, February 11

Waiting for spring

It's this time of year that you look at your wardrobe and think, 'Really?'. You're bored of your winter clothes, it's not warm enough for summer clothes, and yet spring is too close to justify splurging. Plus, what's topping your wishlist right now will be a forgotten dream soon enough as the autumn/winter '14 collections roll in and present oodles of new trend ideas to obsess over. Such is life, hence day dreaming about mohair knits and thick leather boots serves to fill the gap from now until next month. Happy mind, happy bank balance. 

Tuesday, January 28

A renaissance

Punctuality isn't my strong point. I was never good at getting to school on time, my assignments were all handed in at five to the hour, and friends have always had to add at least 10 minutes to my ETA. So when I started this blog in my university dorm room back in 2009, I guess I was a naive in thinking I'd be any good at sticking to regular updates: the #1 rule of blogging. Instead, adopting a more scatty approach, I've dragged it round the world with me, updating it daily - hourly even - at times when I've been most inspired before neglecting it for weeks when reality strikes and real life needs me. For that reason you could say I'm a bad blogger. And I'd agree. But nevertheless, I don't give up on things. Least of all when those things hold so much personal significance, reading like a diary of some of the most exciting months of your life. Instead, I'm going to carry on just like normal from here, ignoring the six month hiatus and apologising now for the next editorial wane. (But I will try extra hard this time, I promise.) As you can imagine, a couple of things have changed.

Since June:

-I've graduated. I'm now an alumni of the University of Leeds, holding first class honours in Fashion Design.

-I took on the job of Refinery29's London editorial assistant. 

-I moved out of my city sky rise apartment in Leeds, sad times. 

-I holidayed in Croatia, and spent 10 joyous days in my bikini.

-I said goodbye to 20 years of blonde hair and crossed over to the dark side.

-I followed the bright lights and moved to London.

-Then even brighter, yuppy-style lights to Islington, the place for now I call home. 

-I became an editor at, and love helping it grow and grow.

-I had my most sophisticated New Years so far. No drunken antics, no broken windows, no hangover. 

(On a lesser note, I also learnt how to make poached eggs and finally found the perfect pair of thigh-high boots.)

Monday, June 10

thinking ahead

The sun is finally shining, the evenings are light 'til late, meaning festival season is officially here. Hoorah! The only slightly depressing thing... I don't have a festival planned to go to. Puh! And even more depressing than that is to think around this time last year, I was dancing to my heart's content in Sydney at Laneway. Fortunately, it's only the start of the summer so hopefully something is bound to come up (what with the London move being right around the corner!), but in the meantime, I won't hesitate planning the perfect day-tripping ensemble —complete with Hunter wellies and all, because, y'know, it's England.

Moxham Bracelet, Topshop Shorts, Nasty Gal bag, Zoe Karssen top, and Hunter Gloss Wellies from Houghton Equestrian

Saturday, June 1

free agent

Adios university.

Thursday, May 16


Wednesday, May 15

Wanted: creativity

Have woken up to the gloomiest of Wednesdays: rain, wind, and impending doom, with just days until deadline. Not just any deadline I'll add; this is the deadline. The final ever hand-in of my academic life thus far. The one that closes 17 years of working hard, learning, and striving for creative development. Hence weather, you're doing me no favours. Today I really need motivation. Not grey skies and gloomy moods, thank you. 6:34am and already 2 coffees in, today will- be- a- productive- day. Come on creative mind, it's time to get up. 

Monday, May 13

Gatsby Goddiva goodness.

After a long day in the design studio, there's nothing like a spot of e-browsing to cure a spot of creative block. With 5 days to go until deadline day, but only 4 days to go until the Great Gatsby, guess which one I'm putting more time and effort into thinking about? Yup, you guessed it.

Goddiva gilded flapper dress, Topshop flopsy sandal, NastyGal bag, NastyGal sunnies.  

(In all fairness, 11 hour days in the design room need some sort of productivity driver, and Goddiva's gilded flapper dress is exactly the incentive I was looking for.)  

A long day

After today, there are just 4 short days until the end of university forever. Stress > excitement for now.

I'm ready for you Monday

Final week of university ever. 


images via tumblr

In a devilish need of these after seeing a similar reflective pair in the stunning Vogue Spain editorial I posted about recently.
MJ mirrored sunnies, you're all I can think about this morning. 

Friday, May 3

MAC Cosmetics: RiRiWoo

 I've declared my love for MAC Cosmetics on Twitter before, and here I am doing it again. Who else has their heart set on this? Going on sale at 11AM, today is all about MAC's Ruby RiRi Woo.

Wednesday, May 1

Somehow, it's May already.
6 days until deadline 1.
19 days until I'm no longer a student. Oh, just slightly scary. 

Tuesday, April 30

Harrods Goes All Gatsby: The Summer Of Now

Those of you that know me know that I haven't stopped talking about The Great Gatsby since I got the chance to interview Baz Luhrmann last year. (NB. an experience I didn't take for granted, and still get giddy at the thought of.)  I'd say now, with less than 2 weeks until its debut, and my procrastination levels at an all-time high, over 90% of my Google searches are Gatsby related. I'm not complaining. With the media going nuts over every little leak, and me letting out a squeal with every film still released, Baz must be going balmy as the whole world just waits to scrutinise his creation. (Though if the soundtrack, cast and costumes are anything to go by, it's already my favourite film.) 

The Roaring Twenties thing has been brewing in fashion for a while now, with Art Deco prints, dropped waists and sequin-heavy separates. With the film's release, I think we all foresee a major surge of headbands, flapper dresses and Gatsby garden party themes. Retailers ain't letting this go by untouched either, and it's Harrods who have got me most excited. Getting into the swing of all-things-Twenties and tiding us over until the 16th, Harrods are hosting an exclusive online event, full of luxury prizes and generous giveaways. And the best bit? We're all invited! 

Pin May 1st in your diary, clear your schedule and charge your laptop as fellow Gatsby-girls, you aren't going to want to miss this. From 4pm until midnight on Wednesday night, I am officially allowing all you other students to step away from the books and on to, to help celebrate the launch of The Summer of Now. In celebration of the new season, Harrods are throwing a very modern get-together, so modern that it's set in cyber space with the hashtag #OPENINGNIGHT. Competition prizes on offer on the night are insane, including a cocktail making masterclass (score!), an ALICE by Temperley dress (eep!), a luxury trip to New York (squeal!), and exclusive tickets to the pre-screening of the film (...bang!). Yup, exploding with eagerness. Teaming up with ALICE by Temperley London, the dress that one lucky winner will receive on the night is part of the AW13 collection (yet to be even released) and oozes '20s decadence. I was lucky enough to admire Temperley London's collection first hand at London Fashion Week this year, and trust me, they don't do luxury by halves. Dripping in glamour, some lucky winner is set to give Daisy Buchanan a run for her money... and I want it to be me. Fortunately for y'all, it is an online only event or else I couldn't guarantee no hair-pulling or elbow-jabbing. Mr Baz Luhrmann, you caused this.  

Your invite is below, and I'll e-see you there.

Don't forget, May 1st, from 4pm, #OPENINGNIGHT...

The ALICE by Temperley dress that is  up for grabs on the night,..

 The Great Gatsby (2013) via IMDb

Monday, April 29


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Friday, April 26


Do you agree that I probably definitely do need these?

Sunshine musing / no credit for images

Summer is officially playing on its way. Peek-a-boo.