Wednesday, June 17

World Gin Day with Bombay Sapphire

Who else made the most of World Gin Day on Saturday? It's fair to say I indulged. Is there anything a G&T won't make easier? The lovely people at Bombay Sapphire were kind enough to introduce me to their brand new, super premium, small batch distilled Star of Bombay a while back, which I can confirm is delicious and have since converted to, so G&Ts at home are extra smooth and glorious (helped too by the fact we now justify splurging on Fevertree).

I forgot to share this nice infographic advance of World Gin Day but it's just as insightful afterwards. Impressive that 65% of the world's gin is drank as a gin and tonic! And that Spain has the largest population of gin and tonic drinkers — with my efforts, I'd have sworn it was Clapton...

Ultimate Gin & Tonic
1 part Star of Bombay
1 part Fever Tree Indian tonic water
1 piece orange zest
Method: Place ice cubes into an empty glass and stir rapidly until the glass is chilled. Add the Star of Bombay and stir several times to chill liquid slightly. Add tonic water. Add the orange zest.

Wednesday, June 3

Morning energy

Mornings are either spent working or running. When there's not a pressing deadline I'm running late for, I pound the pavements. It's the best way to kickstart your day. I'm extra bright these days thanks to beautiful new kit from Roxy — way more than just bikinis and board shorts. 

I can't stop listening to the new Jamie XX album, it's impossibly perfect.

Yard Sale Pizza X Monty's Deli

God knows I love a pizza. Always, all ways, I'm keen. I'm spoilt in Clapton with not one but two awesome pizzerias, Sodo and Yard Sale Pizza, both of which probably think "Oh god, not her again", 'cos I can always eat the place empty (and actually once at Sodo when they ran out of dough...).

Yard Sale love a collaborative project. They dipped their fingers in the water last Burns Night and paired up with Deeney's for a Haggis Pizza, and now they're back at it again. They weren't going to let their first birthday go down without a bang so they took the opportunity to pair up with fellow Monty's Deli — the home of London's favourite pastrami sandwiches.

Though not quite the collab' for me as a non-meat eater, I can appreciate it regardless (pizza, good; pastrami, gooooood), the fruit of their labour being a calzone packed with pastrami, sauerkraut and fior de latte mozzarella, available for one week only until 9th June. (Run, quick!!)

We went down for their birthday party to share well wishes and more importantly sample the limited-edition creation. Whilst I couldn't obviously try it (don't worry, I didn't miss out, I devoured margarita slices by the dozen) Ed reassures me — and you — that's it delicious, a combo that works, and ultimately worth racing all the way over here for. Remember though, be quick, it's only available this week. 

Happy Birthday Yard Sale. Looking forward to another year of pizza. (And hey, make the next collab' veggie, yeah?) 

Yard Sale Pizza, 105 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0NP; 020 3602 9090.

Photos: Yard Sale Pizza / me

Wednesday, May 13

Morning life

Genuinely don't know a morning that doesn't look like this. This morning I'm writing about Leeds' breakfasts for BuzzFeed — I'll share the link once it's up. After that's it's back to thinking about Amsterdam for another piece.  I'll share my trip diary from there as soon as I get the chance. Been so busy recently!

I'm powering through with my boyfriend's choice of music, this Roman Flügel podcast, and after all this early morning writing, I'm off for breakfast at Hubbard & Bell — their avocado on toast with smashed pistachios is heaven. 

Thursday, May 7

Circle Pizza Co, Hoxton

You don’t have to be around me for more than 5 minutes to know that I love pizza. I mean, I love pizza. More often than not I favour Sodo Pizza Café, not just because it’s conveniently at the top of my road but because its sourdough bases are crisp and perfect, and its cheese to tomato ratio is spot on. But when there’s talk of a new pizzeria (especially one that’s close to home in East London) I’m there like a bullet, hence I had to go and try out Circle Pizza Co, the newest arrival on Hoxton Square.

Circle Pizza Co’s claim to fame is its 150-year-old sourdough bases, which are way fresher than they sound, I assure you. What that means is they’ve kept feeding their original sourdough starter with fresh ingredients, thus keeping it always active and meaning technically yes, it’s got 150-year old origins.

Less of the technical stuff, more of the experience. Ed and I went straight after work, starving, and were able to sit outside under the awnings on the square. We ordered quickly from the 6 or so options, and our pizzas arrived swiftly, of good size and with extra, extra cheesy toppings. All creatively named, I went with the Dark Side of the ‘Shroom, which had San Marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella, wild mushrooms, homemade ricotta cream and sundried tomatoes. The bases have slightly more to them than Sodo’s, thin and crisp throughout but with blown out crusts, and the toppings are certainly heavier, which some may favour, though personally I’m partial to Sodo’s ratio which is a little lighter on the stomach.

Nevertheless, these are great pizzas, a perfect casual weeknight dinner spot for the summer, and a great addition to East London. There are never enough pizza places for me anyway.

Circle Pizza Co. at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU.

Wednesday, April 22


I never, ever buy new clothes any more. Ever. Apart from new trainers. So when we were in Amsterdam last weekend (prettiest city ever, great shopping) I treated myself to something new. Printed summer jeans from COS, which I bought because they remind me of a colourful pair I lived in as a 4-year-old (yes, I do have a tendency to still dress like a child). They also bear resemblance to a polka-dot Something Else by Natalie Wood pair I loved so much and wore 'til they bust in Sydney. Can't wait to wear this new pair all summer long - thanks COS for creating lovely nostalgia.

Recent writing

I've been a little quiet for a while. Sorry about that. Life got mad busy (even busier than usual!), the sun started shining so I've been playing outside more and if you haven't seen on Instagram I've been away a bit — more on that later. Before I give full life updates and share trip pics, I thought I'd share what I've been writing about most recently. Click on through to Refinery29 to read my edit of the world's most Instagram-worthy hotels — all simply sublime. 

Read the piece on Refinery29 here before adding them all to your bucket list. 

Sunday, January 25

Yard Sale Pizza, Clapton

You only have to talk to me for 2 minutes before learning that I love pizza. More specifically Sodo Pizza, a tiny little place at the top of my road in Clapton where the sourdough-base pizzas are simply my definition of perfect. Wine is served in beakers, the burrata is some of the best I've had, and the fact that it only seats about 20 people who are all crammed in like sardines makes my affection even stronger. 

But last night I cheated on my beloved Sodo and went to Yard Sale Pizza — a newer pizza house at the other end of Clapton, which, as the neighbourhood's only other craft pizzeria is definitely  Sodo's competition. I don't feel bad in saying it was utterly delicious.

Besides two tables and benches, it's little more than a takeaway shop. Chefs flurry around in the open kitchen shoving pies in and out of the large stone pizza oven and the waitress on the till is overrun with takeaway orders (this place is well set up for those and does delivery too). We manage to blag a table and with a bottle of wine and some giant Gordal olives, enjoy watching hungry punters flit in and out. 

Our pizzas arrived quickly. I went for the 12" TSB (£9), a classic margarita with a generous scattering of tenderstem broccoli, Manchego and pine nuts. Delicious it was, the base as thin as Sodo's but toppings definitely heavier with extra extra stringy Fior Di Latte mozzarella. Here, you don't get cutlery. Instead, you pile it into your mouth by the slice, as fast as you can before the weight of the topping tips the whole thing on your lap. I manage to eat all but one slice which I do consider saving for a delicious breakfast before Ed gobbles it up — that's after his whole Truffle Shuffle (wild mushrooms, truffle oil, rocket and ricotta). 

We forwent the dessert offering of ice cream, instead finishing our bottle of wine and heading round the corner to The Bonneville for a fine pisco sour. 

Sodo, I'll always love you but forgive me if I cheat on you a few more times. 

Yard Sale Pizza, 105 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0NP.

You've got mail: London's best subscriptions

Because we all love post, in my recent piece for Refinery29 I highlighted the best postal subscriptions available to Londoners. From apple crumbles to albums, who knew post could be quite so brilliant.

Read the feature on Refinery29 here.

Friday, September 26

Home for the weekend

Busy weeks call for quiet weekends. After a few hectic months of job changes, freelancing, press trips, Fashion Week and general life stress, I'm headed home for a much needed low-key weekend, back up North where there's green stuff, Mommy hugs, Dad's food and fresh air. Looking forward to being back in London feeling revitalised and refreshed. Have a good weekend!